Now and Again

Now and Again by Brenda Rothert

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Authors: Brenda Rothert
and give them to me.”
    The vixen . He’d watched a predictable B-rate movie, walked her dog with her and agreed to sleep over. And now this? Layla’s silken voice uttering her dirty thoughts made his cock feel like a steel rod. His arm muscles twitched with his desire to grab her waist and flip her onto her back for a quick, hard fuck.
    Ben closed his eyes to compose himself as Layla scooted off of him and under the covers. He was about to spend an entire night sleeping naked next to – but not touching – the hottest woman he’d ever known. He’d probably still have blue balls at work tomorrow.
    The homemade tomato sauce in Emma’s lasagna had a slightly spicy taste to it. Coupled with the melted cheeses, spinach noodles and accompanying crusty garlic bread, it was the best meal Layla had eaten in while.
    “Em, this is delicious,” their dad said as they all sampled the meal.
    “It is,” their mom agreed. “You’re spoiling me, bringing over dinner for all of us like this.”
    “See why I’ve gained five pounds since she moved in?” Cole said, grinning and nudging Emma playfully.
    Layla looked at her plate, suppressing an urge to roll her eyes. Living with a man before marriage had been preemptively forbidden by their parents since about the time Layla hit puberty. A few mantras had been drilled into the girls’ heads throughout adolescence: no premarital sex, no cohabitating, and no illicit drugs.
    But an exception had apparently been made for Emma and her golden boy because not a word had been spoken against them living together.
    “Will you cook things like this at the bakery?” their mom asked Emma.
    “Not at first. I’m just focusing on baked goods and light breakfast at first. But I hope to add a full menu if it goes well.”
    “Of course it’ll go well,” Cole said, reaching for Emma’s hand.
    “Layla, what’s new with you?” Emma asked.
    “Not much. I’m a bridesmaid in my friends Liam and Kelly’s wedding in St. Louis next weekend.”
    “A bridesmaid again?” their father said, his brows popping up. “You’ve been a bridesmaid in at least a dozen weddings since you finished college.”
    Layla wondered if there was steam coming from her ears. “Just go ahead and say it – always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” she snapped.
    “I said no such thing!” their father said, sounding surprised. “I just figure you must be going to a lot of expense to be in all these weddings.”
    “It’s fine,” Layla said with a sigh. “They’re my friends. I went to law school with Liam and Kelly.”
    “Well, I ran into Brian Hunt while I was out walking the other day,” her mom said, smiling. “He was asking about you, Layla.”
    “That’s nice.”
    “He gave me his number and told me to pass it on to you.”
    “I won’t be needing it.”
    “He’s such a nice boy!” Layla’s mom gave her an admonishing glare.
    “No,” Layla said, not wanting to admit she wanted more lasagna as she finished hers.
    “Mom, Brian Hunt is . . . disgusting.”
    “You’re so judgmental—”
    “Really? I’m judgmental? Because I don’t want to date a guy who’s a freak in bed? He spit on Maura Pearson and called her a nasty whore while they were having sex.”
    There was a second where no one in the room seemed to move. Layla locked eyes with Emma, who had a deer in the headlights expression.
    Their dad broke the silence. “Layla, we don’t use language like that in this house. We’re trying to have a nice dinner—”
    “Mom wouldn’t let up,” Layla said. “I don’t like being treated like there’s something wrong with me because I’m single.”
    “There’s nothing wrong with it,” her mom said. “I just thought you might want to catch up with Brian is all.”
    “He’s not a good guy,” Cole said. For about two seconds Layla was glad he was there.
    “I have to go,” she said, looking around the room for Prince. He was snoring in a corner, so she

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