No Mercy

No Mercy by R. J.; Torbert

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Authors: R. J.; Torbert
and asked, “What are you doing today?”
    The detective answered, “Hansen and I are going to each of the victim's homes and apartments to take a look around. Then we are going to visit the clubs when they reopen Tuesday. I would also like to pull Lynagh and Healey off the Lance detail tomorrow and put Hansen and Wyatt on it.” Bud looked up with interest, but Paul put out his hand for Bud to please stay quiet. “No offense to anyone, but I would prefer they were used in the clubs for the next few nights as we check into them further, especially with Baker being there.”
    “Granted,” Cronin said as he left the room.
    The detective lieutenant went to his desk and enjoyed the slow pace of phone calls, emails, and people interruption that went along with normal hours of the week. His thoughts were broken up by a phone call from the sergeant at the front of the headquarters building. “Sir, there is mail addressed to you marked personal that's been here since yesterday.” Cronin stood up and left the Priority 1 area and took the five-minute walk to the front. He would normally have Gina get it, but he felt like taking a walk. As soon as he arrived the envelope was handed to him and he opened it up. He unfolded the paper and read:
    Promises, Promises,
    Always Keep
    Your Promise
    He folded up the paper and walked back to his office and called John Ashley. Instead of saying hello the ADA answered with, “It's Sunday for shit's sake.”
    Cronin answered him, “The conversation I had with you in my office behind closed doors. Well, we have to get ready.” The phone clicked without Ashley saying anything.
    Bud went back to the video room and had the tech man who wasn't happy he was called in on a Sunday put the three club videos side by side on the large wall as he sat down with a pad and paper and watched intently. He was getting bored after about an hour when he noticed on one of the videos a man with long hair handing a piece of paper to the DJ. The man playing the music nodded his head as the man walked away. Bud scanned the crowd to see if he could find Kate Summers. He saw her dancing on the screen when he yelled up to Bob the technician and asked if the video played the music. Bob turned it on and it was a song Bud had never heard before. He scanned the crowd on the video to see who was dancing and to find the man who requested the song.
    He started yelling up to Bob to close in on some of the patrons when his eye caught a man with long hair handing a piece of paper on the other video. “Stop!” he yelled. “Just play the other two.” He watched intently as the DJ started playing a song. Bud moved up to the screen to watch Alicia Hudson at Skyline dance to a song that sounded like the same group as the Summers video but with different lyrics. Bud was feeling anxious as he watched the man eyeing Alicia dancing to the song.
    “Who the hell are you?” Bud spoke aloud as he tried to get a good glimpse of his face. The man had so much hair that it was difficult. He fit the body type of the man who walked out of the private room with the hat and mask on. Whomever he was, he was aware of how to avoid facial recognition from video cameras.
    Bud called Paul with his findings. “I think you should get a hold of the DJs, get them in here tomorrow, and show them the video of the man requesting the songs. Also, the City club, go to the private room and check the playlist in the room of the songs played. It may be a long shot, but there may be a connection.”
    As Bud was talking to Paul, he had Bob rewind the tape to one hour before Kate Summers entered the room. “Well,” he said to Paul, “I'm feeling better that there is most likely no connection to Deborah. I just will have to make sure she doesn't go to any club until this damn thing is over.”
    “Good job, partner,” Paul replied. “Take the rest of the day off.” Paul couldn't help but laugh when he said it. There was always something funny about telling

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