Night of the Black Bastards (An Action-Packed Thriller)

Night of the Black Bastards (An Action-Packed Thriller) by Casey Christie

Book: Night of the Black Bastards (An Action-Packed Thriller) by Casey Christie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Casey Christie
that morning as their plan was to spend their final day reading and sun bathing next to the chalet’s private swimming pool located at the bottom of the garden and given some privacy by being surrounded by white picket fencing that was covered in creeper vines. It was a clear, sparkling blue, splash pond more than a lap pool. The Kreepy Krauly, an automatic pool cleaning device, was loudly making the rounds at the bottom of the water sucking up any fallen leaves and dirt. He heard the unique cry of a Hadeda Ibis, more commonly known in South Africa as the Har-dee-dar for the sound it emits, in the near distance where the bird was skimming the river with its feet while in flight. The sun had obligingly decided to play ball and was shining brightly and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.
    Night lay on his back on the poolside lounger, one hand behind his head while reading Sun Tzu’s Art of War, he had read it many times before, while Lisa was in the pool splashing water onto Wamba who was circling outside the edge of it while barking excitedly. Night found that the noise of the woofing dog distracted him from the teachings of the Chinese General so he took the opportunity to look lovingly at his sweetheart while she candidly played with his loyal friend that was so often confused with a Lion.
    Lisa van der Westhuizen could have been on the cover of the South African Sports Illustrated Swimwear edition or any cover of FHM or GQ he thought to himself, while he delighted in her glorious figure. She looked the spitting cliché of a Californian beach babe only more magnificent, her black bikini top hardly managing to stop her large teardrop breasts from spilling out, her tummy flush and feminine surrounding her sensual belly button, framed by hourglass hips that led to slender and lady like shoulders and delicate arms. Her bikini bottoms perfectly formed on her round, firm and full buttocks. Her naturally tanned skin glittered in the sun, the water droplets sparkling on her body. She could have been a world famous glamour model Night thought, and he had told her so on a few occasions. She wasn’t interested though and cared more for the policemen and women who she guided to help protect and serve those in need while she was on duty as a civilian police radio Controller. She was always modest and overdressed so it was a real delicacy for Night to see so much of her, in both senses of the word.
    “A hum, see something you like, Mister?” Lisa said while signalling for him to get into the pool with a calling finger.
    Unlike the previous evening when Night blushed a bright red and retreated to the safety of downing another beer after he had been caught stealing a glimpse of her voluptuous body- it was uncanny how she always knew when he was looking at her, he thought to himself- he went with his carnal feeling this time and entered the pool unapologetic for finding her so striking and attractive and made passionate, firm, love to her. Sure to be in gentle Control and to convey his love and protection for her while making clear her desirability as a sexual being. It was magic. And Lisa laughed out loud with delight and enjoyment. She loved Michael Night and he loved her and they enjoyed each other’s physicality a little while longer while a seemingly embarrassed Wamba retreated to the grass to finish off his large animal bone for the day.
    They made quick time back to Johannesburg although Night drove considerably slower than on the way there and arrived at Lisa’s parents’ place in Kensington. Night had dropped Lisa and Wamba off and had said his goodbyes when, as he was pulling out of their driveway and into the street as the gate was closing behind him, he noticed distressed baby chicks in front of his vehicle. He stopped the car, leaving the engine running, surveyed the street on either side for any potential threats and got out. He knelt down to see two day-old baby chicks had fallen to the ground from their nest in a

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