New Beginnings (True Hybrid Book 1)

New Beginnings (True Hybrid Book 1) by Katie Breaux

Book: New Beginnings (True Hybrid Book 1) by Katie Breaux Read Free Book Online
Authors: Katie Breaux
to deepen the kiss. I’m drowning in this man. I pull back to catch my breath.
    “Zander, we need to stop.”
    My voice is husky and sound very unbelieving. He doesn’t pull back or stop kissing and licking my mark.
    “Why would you want to do that love? I know you’re ready. I can feel the moisture from your core through my jeans, and I can smell your arousal and heat.”
    I gasp at his blatant tone. Like what is going on doesn’t affect him either way. I’m slightly hurt by his words. I look down into his eyes, where he is able to see the tears in mine threatening to flow.
    He pulls me close and says he is sorry, over and over again. I have been on a constant emotional roller coaster since this man walked into my life. I don’t like being unstable. I wrap my fingers in his hair and pull his head back, kissing him deeply.
    He tightens his grip on me, as I enjoy the feeling of him pressed against me and his mouth moving with mine. We fight for dominance, but he eventually wins. Zander growls into my mouth and the kiss slows down, but feels more urgent. I’m enjoying every bit of him and the kiss.
    I hear something rip. Looking down I catch sight of my almost naked body. He tore off my dress, leaving me in my bra and boy shorts. They are black and pink lace.
    Zander looks at me for a moment, appreciating the view, before returning to our kiss. His hands roam my body in an assault. I’m not sure how much more I can take. His hands are driving me crazy.
    One of his hands grabs my left breast, my body arches into his hand. It feels amazing. Especially the feel of skin on skin and skin on clothes contact. It is a tease to feel both of them.
    I’m arching my back into him when his mouth leaves mine and goes to my mark, and from my mark down to my chest. His hand grabs the front of my bra and tears the thin strip of fabric. As soon as my bra opens to him, his mouth closes over my right breast.
    I suck in a gasp and use my hands to pull his face closer. He drops to his knees and lays me down on what is left of my dress. His mouth leaves my right breast and starts assaulting my left.
    Instead of just sucking like he did with the right, he nibbles and grazes his teeth against my left breast. It is different, and I like it just as much. It isn’t too rough or too soft. It is just right.
    His left hand is on my right breast. His mouth leaves my breast too soon, but it is replaced by his hand. He is kissing down my stomach, and stops to dip his tongue in my naval. He continues his descent.
    My hands are wrapped in his hair when his mouth makes contact with my core. My hips arch off the ground, begging for more. His hands leave my breast. His right arm wraps around my thigh to control me and his left hand finds my nub as he licks, sucks, and nibbles on my core.
    What he is doing to me is driving me crazy. Before I know what is happening, I’m panting and moaning on the verge of my climax. One thing’s for sure. This man knows his way around a woman’s body. At this moment in time I don’t care about anything but us and what we are doing.
    Zander keeps up his assault on my core. My back arches and a scream leaves my mouth. Zander uses that wonderful mouth of his to make my climax last longer than before.
    After a few moments it is over and I’m holding my chest trying to breath. Zander is moving up my body. So, uses his momentum to flip us. This way I’m on top.
    I’m straddling his waist as he waits for my next move. I rub against him as I lean over for a kiss. I kiss from his mouth to his neck. Making sure my teeth grazed his mark. He growls and pulls my hair, making me moan. I make it to his chest.
    I treat each nipple to a little pain and pleasure. I lick, then graze, then suck, and finally nibble each in turn. He is growling and moving fiercely under me. I’m enjoying the reaction I’m getting, because it’s causing more friction and

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