Need Us

Need Us by Amanda Heath

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Authors: Amanda Heath
Brody’s SUV in the main driveway. He must have left the reception early. Lola’s having a baby soon and they have her on bed rest. Poor girl. This is their third child. Here’s hoping they don’t have anymore after this.
    Paisley gets out and walks towards the guesthouse. It hasn’t changed any since we lived in it together. Henry, I think, always kept it the same in case Paisley ever wanted to come home. I guess he had a point there considering she did come home.
    Only problem is she left me behind.
    I get out of the car and Paisley rounds the vehicle only to grab my hand and pull towards the house. Once we enter the living room she opens her mouth to speak but I stop her with my hand. “No talking. That isn’t what this is.” Then I pick her up and carry her into the bedroom.
    “Stay,” she says.
    I debate it in my head for a few minutes. Last night shouldn’t have happened. That’s what she does to me, makes me forget all the shit that happened between us. I know we’ll always be drawn together, that’s what happens when you love someone with all your heart. No matter what she’s done to me, I know she loved me once, with all her heart.
    Images fly through my head of last night. Her riding me hard, her head thrown back, her breasts bouncing right in my face. Her red hair in my hands while she stared into my eyes when she came. The heat of her mouth wrapped around my dick and the sound of her moans while I fucked her into the bed.
    Then I get a different set of images. The look on Margret’s face when she brought me the letter. The shape of the church after my breakdown. The total destruction of my life. Sad faces standing over me, Wesley in tears because she can’t handle it when anyone is sad. Lily smoothing her hand over my face, calming me down.
    I yank my hand away from Paisley, hard. I start grabbing up my clothes, pulling them on without looking at her. I know what she’ll see. The same look on my face from a year ago. I know it makes me a fucked up individual that I like that. I want to hurt her. I want her in pain, to feel what I felt. Rejection is a disease inside of me and I won’t rest until she’s got the same thing.
    “Channing…” She trails off but I still don’t look at her. If I look at her I’ll stay and I don’t need that. I shouldn’t have let last night happen. I know better. Her magic vagina, the absolute beauty of her actually, it’s all a trap designed to make you stay.
    “Make me, Channing. Make me fall. Push me, shove me, just make sure I get there.” Those words she spoke to me so long ago, they still stay with me. But I’m no longer that guy; I won’t make her do anything.
    And she sure as fuck won’t make me do anything.
    I finally get all my clothes on and I storm out of the house. Though I come up short when I find a huge German Shepard standing in my way.
    She sits on her butt with her tongue hanging out. She gives me a bark in greeting and I scratch behind her ears. I wish I had time to love on her. This dog has been a part of my life for so long, it’s been weird not having her around the past year. I missed the shit out of her.
    I walk around her and head towards Richard’s house. Hoping with all my might that Margret isn’t standing at the kitchen sink watching me leave Paisley’s house. I don’t really care anyway. It’ll just be awkward when I refuse to talk about it or acknowledge that it even happened.
    When my phone starts ringing I groan. I look down at the screen and let out a breath of relief. It’s only Pierce. I swipe the screen to answer and put it up to my ear. “What’s up?”
    “I’m going over to Van’s today. You want to head over there with me later?” I hear a pan slam down in the background. Must be cooking something.
    I’m not surprised when my stomach growls. I hardly ate anything yesterday and after all the sex, I’m sure I’ve worked up an appetite.
    “Yeah I want to go. Can I call you back

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