My Serbian Wolf

My Serbian Wolf by Charisma Knight

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Authors: Charisma Knight
    When love is strong enough between two souls, it transcends through the layers of time.
    Zena Vuk and Niko, Serbian wolf shifters, share a strong bond that has endured throughout many centuries, and even the curse of Tsar Uros Hrebeljanovic, successor to Prince Banovic Nemanjic cannot keep them apart.

    Serbia, 1389

    As the shifters romped through the snow, Niko knew there was a subject he must broach with his mate. Time was no longer on his side, and it was on this night that Zena Vuk would discover the horrid truth of her soul mate’s fate. Returning to the safety of their small castle, nestled deep within the forest, his thoughts ran rampant through his mind. This was to be their last evening together. Why he waited so long to tell Zena Vuk was beyond his knowledge. Perhaps, in a way he was protecting her, and in the process, not acknowledging the inevitable.
    Although pain and regret ate at his heart, it would destroy him even more to allow danger to the three youngest members of his tribe…
    Niko’s eyes absorbed the beauty of their home. A light blanket of snow decorated the forest floor and tree limbs. Beautiful snow capped mountains adorned the Serbian landscape, and a breath escaped Niko, filling him with dread. Such a shame he would spend all eternity here without the presence of his mate, and in human form. His chest tightened and his heart pounded. He watched as his breath lingered before his face. Inhaling, he enjoyed the crisp cold air as it entered his nostrils. The sleek form of the black wolf sauntered past him, alerting him to her arousal. She sniffed and snorted as she buried her snout into the snow in a playful manner.
    Niko and Zena Vuk shifted from animal to human form without effort and gazed into one another’s eyes. Her body trembled and she longed for his touch. As hard as he tried, he knew he could not protect her feelings from the sudden change that was about to take place.

    My Serbian Wolf
    Charisma Knight
    “I have not been honest with you, Zena Vuk, my queen.” Niko stroked his index finger against the softness of his mate’s honey-colored skin. With a sigh, he glanced down at the snow, tightening his jaw.
    “Why would you say such a thing?” The look within Zena Vuk’s eyes told him she was bracing herself for what he was about to say. He watched her exhale as she folded her arms against the softness of her breasts.
    “Long ago, I swore an oath to Prince Nemanjic, master of all Nemanjic wolf tribes that our clan would engage in battle to defend our country against invasion from the Ottoman Empire.
    Zena Vuk chuckled as she reached up and touched her mate’s cheek.
    “This is no secret to me.” She smiled lovingly at Niko and wrapped her arms around her warrior wolf. Niko had such a way of over exaggerating at times.
    “The war ended in June. What more do they require from us? It was a misfortune for our side to have lost. Even so, you fought with honor!”
    Niko held his head in shame. “I did not tell you about Prince Nemanjic’s predecessor, Tsar Uros Hrebeljanovic, who threatened to curse those who did not assist him against the Turks. I also did not share with you about the lack of participation of three members within our clan.”
    Zena Vuk shook her head, not wanting to acknowledge that members of their tribe had shrugged their warrior responsibilities. She shuddered at Niko’s words. “A curse?” Her eyes widened in disbelief as she placed a hand upon Niko’s. Disbelief flooded her mind and bile formed in the back of her throat at the word “curse” that seemed to vibrate deep within the recesses of her mind. “Tell me of this curse.” She clenched her teeth together as her temper flared, and looked her mate in the eyes.
    “Our tribe as we know it will cease to exist if I do not assume responsibility for their actions. I am proud to sacrifice myself and will do what I must to preserve our future.”
    “Then let us leave this place and go to my

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