Mr. Right Now: Vol. 1: Party Boys Who Get What They Want

Mr. Right Now: Vol. 1: Party Boys Who Get What They Want by HJ Bellus

Book: Mr. Right Now: Vol. 1: Party Boys Who Get What They Want by HJ Bellus Read Free Book Online
Authors: HJ Bellus
just picked up from five years ago, falling into old habits, except they go to work instead of high school.
    She jumps up from the couch, not realizing how distracted she was or how long Eli had been calling her name. “What, babe?”
    “Where in the hell were you just then?”
    “Just got lots on my mind.”
    And it was no lie. She did have way more on her mind than she ever wanted to face. Chloe’s been successful at hiding most of the details from Eli about the Ethan ordeal. Her court date is tomorrow morning, and she’s made up a very intricate story to tell Eli. He knows all of her meeting times and business routine by now, so it wasn’t easy trying to convince him she didn’t need a ride to work in the morning.
    “Eli, I’m going to head back to my place tonight and prepare for my big meeting in the morning.”
    “Baby girl,” Eli says, dropping to his knees and settling between her legs on the couch.
    “I told you. I need to separate all Sterling business from this meeting tomorrow.”
    “I promise I’ll be quiet,” he says sticking out his bottom lip.
    “No, Eli.” Chloe sits up and kisses him. “You always end up distracting me, and then before I know it I’m bent over something.”
    “Let me drive you home at least.”
    “I’ll just take a cab. Plus, I think he might need you.”
    Dax saunters back into the room with more beer. Plus, Chloe knows if Eli drops her off there’s no way in hell he’ll ever leave, because she won’t let him. He’s the worst kind of addiction she could have.
    “Fine. You’re breaking my heart, baby girl,” Eli says.
    “You’ll live.”
    “Consider it crushed. Chloe Jo, you just crushed me.”
    “Stop. Don’t make me feel worse than I feel already. And I need to get going before you take off any of these clothes.”
    “I could strip tease for you.”
    “No,” Chloe yells and then giggles. “Walk me down to the lobby.”
    “Deal.” Eli stands up, dragging Chloe to a standing position. “Dax, I’ll be right back. I’m going to walk Chloe down.”
    He just nods at both of them. Chloe lets go of Eli’s hand and walks over to Dax. He’s returned to a slumped position, staring at his bare feet.
    “I don’t know what’s up, but I love you like a brother, even though I’ve hated you longer than I’ve liked you.”
    Her words get a slight chuckle from him. She presses a light kiss to his forehead before she makes her way over to Eli.
    The couple wind their way through naked bodies, empty cans, and miscellaneous clothes. The elevator may be one of the safest places in the penthouse. Steel doors shut as Eli punches in the code and L for lobby. He turns quickly and plants his hands above her head on the elevator wall. He relaxes his waist into her while keeping his chest pulled back.
    “Look at me, Chloe.”
    When she tilts her head up, a vulnerable Eli is in front of her with a scared look covering his face.
    “Don’t run, Chloe.”
    “This secret business meeting. I have a feeling it’s a new job assignment and you want it to get away from me. I’ll stay here when my brothers move on, or I’ll take you. Leaving you this time is not an option.”
    “Oh, baby, it has nothing to do with that.” Chloe grabs his face and traces her fingers along his jawline. “You know I’m a workaholic.”
    Nothing could make her feel worse right now. First lying to Eli about the meeting, then hearing him confess his fear, and then lying again to reassure him. There is no job to take, or a meeting, for that matter. She doesn’t want Eli within ten feet of Ethan and knows beyond certainty that he’d crush him. That is the last thing the Sterlings need. The baby bomb will be enough to make all their heads spin.
    Chloe steps up on her tiptoes.
    “I’m.” She places a kiss on Eli’s lips. “Never.” Kiss. “Leaving.” She places another quick kiss. “You.” Kiss.
    Eli catches her lips on the last kiss and doesn’t let go.

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