MMI by Rodgers

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Authors: Rodgers
Chapter 1
    “On your knees Lillian,” he says and I immediately fall to my knees.
    I spread them apart, placing my hands behind me on the floor, arching my back, and pushing out my full breasts . I lean my head back and close my eyes as he walks around me. He stops at my back, grabbing my hair.
    He pulls hard and I wince.
    I have been with Master B for three days now at the request of Master L.
    “You’re a beautiful little sub Luv. I can’t believe Master L let me have you for a month so willingly, but we have a show to put on and it will be amazing.” He releases my hair and I quietly thank the heavens above.
    Master B is a very well-known Master at MMI and I had done all I could to avoid him in the past. He had a reputation – and not a good one. It was said that Master B has no limits to the pain he will inflict, that he expected you to take it and smile like a good little sub.
    I hear him walk away and then some shuffling as he lays the things out he intends to use. Walking back to me he stops and says, “Listen very closely Luv. You are going to stand and walk to the bedpost. Put your back against it, hands above your head and legs spread apart as far as you can, do you understand?”
    “Yes Master B,” I say.
    Standing, I walk to the bedpost and do as he says. He walks over to me and runs his hands down my throat to my breast, stopping there he leans forward and places his mouth around my nipple. He begins sucking until it stands at full attention, then leaning back he attaches a nipple clamp. He leans back down and does the same to the other nipple.
    When he looks up he moans, “Those look at home on your breasts.”
    My heart is racing and my core is soaked.
    I love pain when it is given in the right way.
    He gets on his knees and licks my clit until I think I’m going to explode, then adds the clamp to it. Standing, he steps back and looks at me for a few seconds before turning around to get something else off the table behind him.
    After a moment, he pulls my chin up until I look at him and smile.
    “How do those feel?”
    I stay silent for a while as I think about my answer. They feel amazing actually. Master L is a wonderful master, but he isn’t big on causing small amounts of pain.
    “Good Master B,” I say.
    He releases my chin and nods. “Walk around the room Lillian. Show me how good the clamps feel and how much you like the pain. I know you don’t want to admit it, but you get wetter every time I inflict the slightest amount of pain on you.” He motions to the table across the room and I walk to it, every step making the clamps pull a little and making my body feel like it is a live wire.
    I can feel my juices running down my legs with each step.
    “Lay back on the table Luv.”
    I lean my body back on the table with my tip toes on the floor.
    “Good girl. Spread your legs.” Spreading my legs I give him a better view of my body. He moans in pleasure and comes to stand beside me at the table running his hand down my body again. “You are divine Luv.” Leaning down he pulls my nipple in his mouth and sucks, running his finger down my stomach to my core. He sticks a finger inside and pumps it in and out, bringing me to the edge only to stop and look at me.
    He smiles.
    “You want to come don’t you? How long can you hold it Luv, how long will you allow me to bring you to the edge only to stop and start again? You’ve been a good girl so maybe tomorrow we will test your limits a little more.” With that he slides his finger back inside me and begins to pump it in and out at a fast speed. Bringing his mouth down again he sucks my nipple and pulls slightly on the clamp. “Come for me, Luv, let me hear your beautiful screams of pleasure.”
    My orgasm hits me hard. He pulls the clamps off and the sensation pushes me even harder in to the orgasm until I feel like I am floating and nothing outside of the orgasm exists.

Chapter 2
    I wake up in my bed with the covers pulled

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