MisplacedLessons by Mari Carr and Lexxie Couper

Book: MisplacedLessons by Mari Carr and Lexxie Couper Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mari Carr and Lexxie Couper
never had a bloody week as phenomenal as this one. Andrew had been the ultimate tour guide,
enduring not just one, but two days of nonstop sightseeing with her. After
their first marathon day, she’d expected him to beg off on going back into the
city again.
    Then he’d surprised her by waking her up early yesterday
morning for round two of the tours. They’d spent a wonderful morning at Navy
Pier, then devoted the afternoon to marking three more things off her to-do
    Only one thing remained—Velvet Chains.
    Andrew seemed determined to keep their sexual explorations
private, refusing to take her to the sex club, though he wouldn’t tell her why.
    Today, she’d granted him a reprieve. They’d opted for a long
sleep-in—intermingled with sex, sex and more sex. Then they had a late
breakfast and spent the morning hanging out around the house.
    She glanced at the TV and grinned as Andrew’s image stood
with Hurricane Ridge in the background, talking about the area, the mountain
ranges in the distance and why it was on his list of best daytrips. She’d never
seen his entire show before—she’d only caught clips on the internet—so she’d
convinced him to throw in a DVD of season one just to give her a taste of what
he did for a living.
    To say she was hooked was an understatement. One show turned
into a marathon afternoon as she remained glued to the couch, watching episode
after episode. He’d sat next to her, adding interesting tidbits about things
that happened behind the scenes as they’d filmed the various shows, and she’d
decided Andrew Shaw was the most fascinating man she’d ever met.
    She also realized as the days passed that saying goodbye to
him the day after tomorrow was going to suck. Big-time.
    Andrew walked downstairs and came back into the room with
his cell pressed to his ear. Apparently he wasn’t having any luck reaching
whoever he was trying to call because he sighed heavily and hung up.
    His hair was wet from the shower he’d just taken. She
wolf-whistled, impressed by the image of him in his trousers and collared
shirt. It was a far cry from the faded jeans and t-shirts he’d been wearing on
their excursions into the city.
    “Well, hello, hot stuff.”
    He grimaced. “I hate dressing up for the dog and pony show.”
Andrew had informed her earlier he had a business meeting with some advertisers
tonight that he couldn’t miss. She assured him she’d be fine on her own for an
    “You look terrific. Besides, a free dinner is a free
    Andrew chuckled. “Never thought of it that way. I suppose
you’re right. Even so, I plan to eat and run, so I won’t be back too late.”
    “Who were you trying to call?”
    Andrew scowled. “Harper. She still won’t answer the phone.”
    Amy grinned, well aware that her expression annoyed Andrew.
He dropped down on the couch next to her and started tapping out a text. Amy
leaned forward, reading as he wrote.
    I know you’re not at a conference, Harper. I just don’t
know where you are. If you don’t answer my text within five minutes I’m
contacting the FBI and telling them you’ve been abducted.
    Amy rolled her eyes. “Jesus. Really? Why can’t you leave the
poor girl alone? She’s having fun.”
    Andrew purposely ignored her as Amy tried to do some mental
time zone math. It was five o’clock in Chicago, so Andrew was texting his
sister at eight a.m.
    Three minutes, Harper.
    She thought maybe she should break the news to Andrew before
he had a conniption over Harper’s silent treatment. “Um, Andrew, you do realize
your sister could still be asleep right now. It’s early morning over there.”
    “Don’t care. I know her. She sleeps with her phone right by
the bed. I’m not stopping until I get her attention.” Again he tapped out a
text. Two minutes, Harper.
    “If you ever tried to wake my arse up with those insane
texts, I’d—”
    Andrew texted again. One minute, sis.
    “That wasn’t a minute.” The

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