Misguided Truths: Part One
pass out or something. The female cop walks by me, and that’s when I see it. She’s carrying a couple of clear bags containing white powder while speaking through her radio, “The suspect has been detained. We’re bringing him in now.”
    “That’s not mine! I swear! I don’t—”
    “What’s going on?” I freeze when I see Rachael walking through the front door. “Brandon?” She pauses after taking a step inside, and glances around before her eyes land on the female cop who’s now beside her. She says something to Rach, and when she looks back over at me, I notice her eyes beginning to fill with tears.
    “I didn’t do it, Rach. I promise. I swear it’s not mine! I didn’t do anything!” The cop behind me grabs my left arm and starts pulling me outside. “Rach, please?” I plead with her. She doesn’t say anything. Not a single word. Her lips are formed in a tight line, but the look over her face now is completely blank. “Rach, you know how much I loved her. How much I still love her. I would never have hurt her!”
    She looks away from me and down to the ground. My stomach rolls and my chest becomes tight when I realize.
    She doesn’t believe me.

The Inquisition
    The look over Rachael’s face when the cops dragged me out from my house hasn’t left my mind once all the way over here. She couldn’t even look at me. There’s gotta be some mistake. I mean, how in the hell did they manage to find drugs in my room?
    Never. Not once in my whole life have I even been tempted to touch drugs, let alone take them. Right up until they showed up at my house, around an hour ago, they’ve been saying that they weren’t treating Holly’s death as suspicious. That she was a user, but I know she wasn’t. I know … I knew her. As for the drugs being in my room? Well, your guess is as good as mine.
    “Mr. Taylor, we’ll get you booked in and then escort you through to the interview room.” A different male cop tells me as he unfastens the cuffs. I rub my wrists and see red marks from where they’ve been cutting into my skin ever since they were locked on back at the house. He walks around until he’s standing in front of me, and I watch as he begins to pat me down. “Is there anything you’d like to admit to having in your possession before I proceed?”
    Apart from my ten inch penis? Yeah, maybe that won’t go down so well right now. I shake my head and glance to the side, “How long is this gonna take?” I ask when my eyes land on the wall clock behind the main desk. It’s almost nine thirty already and it takes around an hour to get from here and over to Seattle.
    “ Let’s just put it this way. If you co-operate, then it will take a lot less time than if you choose not to.”
    “ You didn’t answer my question,” I grind out through my teeth when I see a look of amusement crossing over his face. “I need to be in Seattle by eleven.”
    He shakes his h ead as his hands reach my waist, “Son? You haven’t a hope in hell of being anywhere but here for the next few hours, at least .”
    “No. No. You don’t understand… I need to be there. Not being there is not an option for me.” He ignores my protests and continues his search. I look down when I feel him pause his hands before standing back up on his feet.
    “Do you normally carry women’s jewelry around in your pants pockets?”
    My eyes land on the locket he’s holding in front of me, and it feels like my heart just stopped. “It’s my girlfriends,” I answer quietly.
    “Does your girlfriend not mind you taking her jewelry?” he looks and sounds amused.
    “My girlfriend’s dead, ” I spit at him and see the amusement immediately fading from his eyes. “That’s why I need to be in Seattle … It’s her … it’s her funeral today.”
    He studies me for a couple of seconds before a s mile appears wide over his face, “That’s one hell of an excuse, son. Usually we get told all kinds of crazy shit. Mainly they need

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