Merciless Ride

Merciless Ride by Chelsea Camaron

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Authors: Chelsea Camaron
the Regulators to keep an eye on those South Florida transports. We can’t have enough allies and extra eyes right now.”  
    “Affirmative. I’ll grab a burner and contact Ice.”  
    When you survive together, literally putting your life in the hands of your military brother, you build a bond that will survive both time and distance. While Bowie left the Army to go back to the Savage Outlaws MC, my buddies Ice and Hammer started their own motorcycle club in South Beach. The Regulators are a badass bunch of no nonsense, ex-military bikers that now run Southern Florida.  
    Ice is exactly what his name says he is—cold. He is a lethal man with a mind for business and skirting the law. Hammer, his VP, has an iron fist and a name for himself in the underground world. Hands down, I would trust any one of those guys to give me correct information and watch my club’s back.  
    Tripp fills us in with the regular club business before dismissing us. Then, grabbing a burner, I make the necessary call to my ex-teammates and head home to Tessie.  
    Walking in, I round the corner to the kitchen and stop in my tracks. Tessie is at the table with Axel. She has those little chocolate morsels lined up in front of her and her son, a pan of raw cookies on the other side.  
    “Okay, Axel, if you have four chocolate chips and you add two more, how many chocolate chips total will we be putting on the top of the cookie?” Tessie asks her son.  
    “One, two, three, four… I eat one” —which he proceeds to do before continuing— “five, six. We have six chocolate chips on top of that one, Momma.”  
    I smile at the sight before me.  
    “You didn’t share with me,” Tessie jokes.  
    “Momma, you ate like half the bag mixing the cookie dough. You gotta save some for Gigi,” Axel defends.  
    “Axel, a woman can never have too much chocolate,” Tessie informs her son.  
    “Always remember that, Axel,” I add, making my way farther into the room. “It applies to all women, and it may get your ass—I mean, butt, outta trouble one day.”  
    When Tessie laughs, my heart skips a beat. It is the most beautiful sound my ears have ever heard. I’ve never, in all the years at the bar, heard her laugh. Watching her with her son, the light in her eyes, I want nothing more than to protect what the two of them share.  
    “You’re like the smartest dude ever, mister,” Axel greets me, laughing alongside his mom.  
    “Nah, just observant. Learn early, chocolate is man’s best friend, not a damn dog.”  
    “Momma says damn is a yucky word. I’m not allowed to say it. She says it a lot when she stubs her toe and stuff.”  
    If I am going to be around Axel, I need to work on my language. I have a feeling he will stay on top of me about it, though.  
    My mind goes back to Rex. Would he be willing to change to be a better influence for this little boy? I am unable to answer that.  
    Tessie starts to clear the table and puts the cookies in the oven. Watching her bend over, I can’t help wanting to stand behind her. The luscious curve of her ass is one that other women should envy. Her hips are those of a woman who has carried a child and are made for a man to grip as he bends her over the bed, the table, and anywhere else he can have her.  
    Fuck, I can’t think like this. Calming my chub from becoming a tent in my jeans, I try to think of kittens, turtles, hell, snakes, spiders.  
    “Momma says you’re gonna be around for a while. What’s your name, mister?”  
    His voice is the distraction I need from my lustful thoughts of Tessie. “Name’s Andy, but my friends call me Shooter.”  
    “Shooter, huh? Do you know how to shoot a gun?”  
    “Yeah,” I answer simply.  
    “Awesome,” Axel replies with excitement. “Maybe we can be friends after all.”  
    Maybe we can, Axel, maybe we can. If I could get your mom to be in such easy agreement, it would make my life simpler.

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