MENAGE: Triple Obsession (MMF Bisexual Menage Romance Collection) (New Adult Taboo Menage Romance Short Stories)

MENAGE: Triple Obsession (MMF Bisexual Menage Romance Collection) (New Adult Taboo Menage Romance Short Stories) by Unknown

Book: MENAGE: Triple Obsession (MMF Bisexual Menage Romance Collection) (New Adult Taboo Menage Romance Short Stories) by Unknown Read Free Book Online
Authors: Unknown
    No Ordinary Threesome
    Chapter 1 PACKING
    “I’ve got my hand on a mannequin's ass, right now, can’t this wait, Lin?” I say, impatiently, into my cell phone, which is balanced precariously between my ear and shoulder.
    Apparently it can’t, as she continues to babble in my ear. Problem is, she’s on hyperdrive over what to pack for our two week holiday in Europe.
    “Sugar plum,” I interrupt her mid stream, “I haven’t even opened my suitcase yet, but if you really want my input, then I’d say pack as little as possible. The climate is hot in Italy, and the guys are even hotter. Now go pack your thongs and skimpiest and let me finish my last day at work,” I tell her, and promptly cut her off before she starts up again.
    “Nessy, you done out there yet!” a voice yells from behind the wall dividers.
    “Nope, everyone keeps interrupting me,” I yell back. “I’m an artiste, it takes time to arrange my displays. You want your window to look good, or a bloody mess?”
    A head of dark bushy hair, afro style, pops over the half wall separator.
    “I just heard you talking to someone, so I thought you’d done.”
    “Yeah, it was Lin, she can’t decide what to pack. Now leave me be or I won’t be getting home to do my own packing, I’ll be stuck here all night.”
    “What!” Hannah gasps at me, “my packing was done a week ago. Don’t tell me you haven’t even started yet, Nessy?”
    “What’s the rush,” I reply, “look, a big woman like me, can only fit a few items in such a low luggage allowance, so how difficult can it be. Unlike a skinny, thin stick such as you, who can probably fit her entire wardrobe in her suitcase.”
    Hannah is always the organized one amongst us, whereas Lin is such a dizzy head and can never make her mind up, as for me, well anything goes. There will be no fuss or last minute panicking with my packing, I already know what I’m taking and it’s all slinky and sexy.
    We might be a strange combination of friends, but we are all inseparable. We’ve known each other since junior high and we all get on well. Lin is Chinese American, with long slick dark hair and the most stunning oriental features I have ever seen. Not that she would agree with that, she’s extremely shy and always embarrassed when someone tries to compliment her. She has a very fit body too, but then being a professional dancer she needs to keep in top shape. When she dances she’s a different person altogether, gone is that shy disorganized girl, replaced by a graceful and confident woman.
    Now Hannah, she’s the complete opposite, she is so well organized that I’m convinced she’s border line OCD. Everything has to be in its rightful place. That’s why no one gets near her store window display, except me. She doesn't let me do it as a favor for old friends, no. I do Hannah’s displays because I’m very, very good at what I do, and only the best is good enough for her.
    As for me, well, I’m a big girl, not in height, I’m only a petite 5ft 3in tall, but that’s the only petite thing about me. I am a voluptuous 200lb big, beautiful woman, with curves all in the right place. Size 22 dress and a bust size of 40H. I’ve tried all the diets including Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, you name it, I’ve tried it, but they just don't work for me. Dieting makes me miserable and unsociable and my friends hate it when I’m on one. Now I just accept who I am and what I am, and I’m much happier for it.
    Hannah’s voice interrupts my thoughts, “If we miss that flight because you couldn’t be bothered to think about your packing, I will never forgive you, Nessy,” she threatens.
    Thankfully, those are her final words, as she storms off to leave me alone so I can get on with making her window look amazing, while she’s away. It’s her new special collection from the Paris fashion houses. I know she wants to make a special impression for a photography session she’s having done, for a magazine

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