Men of Firehouse 44: Colby and Bianca's Story

Men of Firehouse 44: Colby and Bianca's Story by Elizabeth A. Veatch, Crystal G. Smith

Book: Men of Firehouse 44: Colby and Bianca's Story by Elizabeth A. Veatch, Crystal G. Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elizabeth A. Veatch, Crystal G. Smith
sucking him hard and quick.  Letting him know real quick, she wasn’t in the mood for making love, she needed fucked.
                  “Oh…”  He moaned as he worked him further inside her mouth. 
                  “You taste so good.”  She murmured in between sucking and mouth fucking his cock. 
                  He couldn’t take watching her anymore.  The sight of her long hair tickling his abdomen as her full lips moved up and down his cock was hot.  It was her eyes that was about to push him over.  It was the first time, ever, that he had watched a woman that wasn’t faking, but actually enjoying sucking his cock. 
                  His head dropped back against the soft sand.  He stared up at the crystal clear sky, watching the stars flicker as she continued to suck him.  He felt himself getting closer and closer and wondered how far she was willing to take him.
                  Even if she took him all the way, he had no worries.  He was lucky and very talented.  It would only take him a few minutes of smelling and tasting her pussy and he would be ready to go again.
                  He felt himself throbbing and getting closer and closer.  His hand grabbed her hair as he lost control, holding her still, he began fucking her mouth, watching as his cock disappeared into her non-gagging mouth. 
                  “Mm-mm.  If you don’t want me to come in your mouth, you better stop me now.”
                  When she didn’t make a move and a hint of a smile appeared, he buried himself past her tonsils and let go.
                  He could feel her swallowing his seed.  Her throat muscles contracting and milking what felt like every last ounce of come he had.  He pulled free, dropping his head back and breathing hard.
                  “You taste absolutely, yummy.”  She whispered, smiling down at him.
                  “So do you.”  Quickly, he flipped her over and began working his way, quickly down to where he would get his own dessert.  He nipped at her hip bone as he pulled her tight little shorts and bottoms down. 
                  He rose up briefly, tossing them to the side and then slid his hands under her ass checks and lifted her up to his face.  He dove right in, thrusting his tongue inside of her, tasting her, teasing her, building her up for that big release.  And from the feel and taste of her, it wouldn’t take much.  She really had like sucking him off.
                  He moved up, licking over her erect nub then sucked it into his mouth. 
                  “Fuck!”  She screamed, giving him the cue to suck even harder and thrust a finger inside of her.  The minute he messaged her g-spot, it was over, he could feel her convulsing around his finger all while fighting to get her now over sensitive clit away from him.  But not this time, he thought.  He would show her exactly what happened when a man kept his mouth right there.
                  He withdrew his fingers, gripping her hips and sucker harder.  Licking his tongue over and over.
                  “Stop!  I can’t.  No more.”  She cried out.
                  Wrong thing for her to say, because it only urged him on.  He latched on even more, he could feel his jaws straining and his cock preparing to play. 
                  “Jesus!”  She screamed out again.  This time he let go, just tenderly licking over her as he watched her body twitch and jerk each time his tongue touched her.
                  What the fuck!  She thought to herself.  Never in a million years would she have thought that he would do that again to her.  It was fucking amazing.  More than amazing.  She was living in one of her romance novels.  She was the heroine and he the hero.  No longer

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