Melting Iron

Melting Iron by Laurann Dohner

Book: Melting Iron by Laurann Dohner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Laurann Dohner
covered. If she was on the Vonder she would have shucked all her clothes in a heartbeat but those weren’t other women staring at her. She glanced back at Iron to see that he was silently watching her.
    “You’ve got my back, right? You said all your men are single. Me stripping isn’t going to cause any shit? None of them are going to want to move closer to try to touch me, are they?”
    “I made it clear that you are mine. You aren’t for sale or for lease.” Iron’s voice went deeper. “Do you think I can’t defend you if there is a problem?”
    She sized up his large body. “Nope. You look pretty able to kick some ass.” She clutched the material against her breasts and faced the doctor. “What now, Doc?”
    “Have a seat. I am going to use an imager to scan and copy Iron’s markings and then I’m going to hook it to this neat device that will form to the area we want tattooed. It will hook into the imager, inject tiny needles into your skin and remove tiny bits of fat tissue to replace it with magnetic ink.” He paused. “The wrap can manipulate the ink under your skin once it’s injected and force it to move where it’s needed to copy the image it wants imprinted. You’ll smell a little burning flesh scent but that will be the tiny bit of fat tissue it removes being disposed of.” He paused again. “Am I clear? You have to hold damn still. If you have a problem with doing that, say so now and I’ll give you something to help.”
    Dawn stared at the doctor. “I’ve heard of magnetic ink tats. I get the concept. I just wasn’t sure how it was done. Is it going to be painful? That’s all I care to know.”
    “You’ll feel the needles and I’ve been told you can feel some weird sensations while the ink is being pulled to the right skin locations but nobody has ever complained about real pain.”
    She climbed up on the med bed and kept the shirt clutched to her breasts to keep them covered. She looked at Iron. “Don’t forget to tell him to put my name on your body. That was the damn deal.”
    “Her name?” Doc gasped, his head turning back and forth, staring at each of them.
    Iron sighed loudly, an annoyed expression on his features. “I made an agreement with Dawn. If she would agree to my brand on her body without a fight, I agreed to have her brand put on my body. She deemed that fair and I saw the logic in her demand.”
    Doc’s eyebrows arched. “Wow. Okay.” He turned his shocked expression to Dawn. “What do you want on him and where?”
    Looking at Iron’s naked chest and arms, she tried to think of where she wanted her name. Her gaze went lower and then lifted to his face. Iron stared silently at her. She glanced into his gorgeous blue eyes and knew in that second where she wanted her name on his body. As tempting as it was to ask the medic to put it on Iron’s beefy ass just for the teasing ability to tell him she owned his ass too, she instead chose another location.
    “I’d like Dawn put in small letters on his lower stomach right next to his hipbone. That way it’s hidden unless he’s naked.” She touched the area on her lower stomach, indicating where she wanted Iron marked. “Right there.”
    Doc looked stunned, his eyes were wide open and his mouth hanging open a bit. He jerked his gaze from Dawn to stare openly in disbelief at Iron.
    Dawn watched Iron closely, wondering if he’d protest her wanting the tattoo there. He met her gaze but then looked at Doc and nodded as he agreed to allow her name to go on his body where she wanted it. She hated to admit it but Dawn was a little touched that he didn’t argue the point. When she left him and he moved on to another slave, that woman would have to look at her name on his body every time he stripped naked. She’d always be a reminder to him that he’d once made love to her. It was fitting since she’d never be able to take off her shirt without being reminded that she’d once been owned by Iron Cyborg .

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