Melt (Hidden Pleasures, #3)
Chapter One
    R onnie swirled ice cream around the bottom of her bowl until it created a multi-colored, soupy mess. Her roommate Shea had talked her into the sweet stuff, but she just didn’t want it. Contrary to what lots of people might believe, having a curvy, full-figured body didn’t automatically mean she had a hard on for ice cream.
    “So, you did the dirty with both of them at the same time? How was it?” Shea gobbled her spoonful of the creamy treat and groaned like she was coming.
    “Um...well, it was...” She didn’t know what to say. The sex she had with her two Doms, Luis and Gavin, wasn’t something she really wanted to share details about. It was private, just for them. There was more to it than simple physical gratification for her, and she was pretty sure for them too. Talking to Shea about it would lessen the experience.
    “Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you’re going to get all shy about it now.” The blonde pointed at her with her spoon and narrowed her eyes. “Unless you lied about it to begin with.”
    “I didn’t lie about it. Besides, you know I’ve been seeing them both and that they like to share. You’ve been going to the club longer than me.” She didn’t add that she’d met Luis because he’d come home with Shea and another man, Brian. “What’s going on with you and Brian?”
    Shea cast her gaze on the far wall and groaned. “We broke up again. He’s just so...I don’t know. The sex is great, but we fight so much we hardly ever have any. How can you have mind blowing orgasms with someone you aren’t supposed to be with?”
    Pain radiated off her friend, and Ronnie wondered again how she’d gotten so lucky with her...what should she call them? They were sex partners, lovers, but it went deeper. More like they were her boyfriends.
    “Hey, it’ll be okay. Maybe you aren’t meant to be together.” Ronnie patted her friend on the knee. “Why don’t we go get manicures and do some shopping.”
    Tears welled up in Shea’s eyes and she sniffled. She scrubbed the back of her hand over her cheeks and took a deep breath. Gearing up for her next round of interrogation, no doubt. “Where you getting money for your nails? That coffee shop you work at doesn’t pay for shit.”
    A large vase of flowers took up most of their dinette table; the orchids and roses a gift from Luis and Gavin. It’d come with a gift card attached for the newly opened posh spa across town. “I got a gift card. And there’s plenty of money on it for me to take you with me. So you’re coming.”
    Shea scooped up the last of her melting treat and gobbled it down. “I’m completely jealous of you.”
    “Sorry.” She crinkled her nose and kicked the blonde in the calf. “Not my fault things worked out this way. Don’t be all bitchy about it.”
    “I know. But are you really not going to give me any details? I mean, I’ve been dying to see Gavin naked for months.” Shea gathered their bowls and took them into the kitchen. “It was mind blowing, wasn’t it?”
    “You could say that.” Ronnie’s cheeks got hot as she recalled the way her boyfriends cuffed her hands and played a sexual torture game where Luis licked her pussy and Gavin slowly penetrated her ass for the first time. She’d cried and protested, but never said her safe word, and they did things together she still couldn’t believe. Her ass had been sore for a few days, Her erotic novels had nothing on what it was like to be fucked by two men at once.
    Shea cleared her throat and she glanced up. “I hate you. I can see you thinking about it right now.”
    “Thinking about what?” She surged to her feet and retreated to the door to get her shoes.
    “Fucking Luis and Gavin at the same time. It’s all over your face. You’re as red as your hair.”
    The embarrassment in her tummy burned away in the flames of irritation. Yeah, she’d fucked them both. And she’d liked it. She wanted to do it again. A lot. But it

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