Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes

Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes by Alex Vilenkin

Book: Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes by Alex Vilenkin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alex Vilenkin
to “technologically challenged.”
    You will be amused to know that humans believe they are close to discovering the final theory of the universe. I envy their youthful enthusiasm … On certain issues they have come close to the right answers—surprisingly, I would say, for a primitive civilization such as this. In other matters, though, they are pretty far behind. They have not even figured out the right questions.
    Overall, this race is still rather immature. I recommend against inclusion in the Galactic Union at this time. Further details will be forthcoming in my regular report.
    Yours respectfully,

    My friends and colleagues, whose opinion is very important to me, read the manuscript and kindly offered their critique and suggestions. Alan Guth, Steven Weinberg, and Jaume Garriga gave me their advice and very useful comments about parts of the book. Paul Shellard and Ken Olum provided extensive feedback on the entire text, and straightened me out on some important details of science. I am deeply grateful to all of them.
    Special thanks to Delia Schwartz-Perlov, who turned my sketches into wonderful illustrations, refined some of my cartoons, and suggested many improvements in the text. I also benefited from stimulating correspondence with Frank McCormick and Max Tegmark.
    Thanks to my editor, Joseph Wisnovsky, for his enthusiasm for the project and guidance throughout the production of this book. Many thanks to Vitaly Vanchurin, who was always ready to help whenever I ran into trouble with my computer, to Marco Cavaglia and Xavier Siemens for historical references, and to Susan Mader for her assistance with photographs. I also owe a debt of gratitude to Susan Rabiner for her vital advice at the early stages of this work.
    Closer to home, my thanks go to Joshua Knobe and my daughter, Alina, for their useful suggestions, enthusiasm, and support, and to my wife, Inna, who served as editor, critic, and trusted advisor.

    The index that appeared in the print version of this title does not match the pages of your eBook. Please use the search function on your eReading device to search for terms of interest. For your reference, the terms that appear in the print index are listed below.
    acceleration, cosmic
Albrecht, Andreas
Alfonso the Wise, King of Castile
Alpha Centauri
Alpher, Ralph
Andromeda galaxy
anthropic selection
    cosmological constant and
predictions drawn from
string theory and
Arkani-Hamed, Nima
Aryal, Mukunda
Astrophysical Journal
Atkatz, David
atomic nuclei
    formation of
impact of heat on
    formation of
see also atomic nuclei
Augustine, Saint
    Babson, Roger W.
bacteria, reproduction of
Barcelona, University of
Bardeen, Jim
Barrow, John
Bekenstein, Jacob
bell curves
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Bethe, Hans
big bang
    afterglow of
cosmic radiation and
elements formed in
evidence of
and Friedman’s solutions to Einstein’s equations
as hot
inflationary universe and
nature of
repulsive gravity and
theological response to
“big crunch”
black holes
    evaporation of
Bludman, Sidney
Bohr, Niels
Boltzmann, Ludwig
Bondi, Herman
Borde, Arvind
Bose, Satyendra
Bostrom, Nick
Bousso, Raphael
British Columbia, University of
Brout, Robert
Brundrit, G.
Brussels, Free University of
bubble nucleation
Bush, George W.
    Caesar, Julius
California, University of
Santa Barbara
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Cambridge University
Carr, Bernard
Carter, Brandon
Casimir, Hendrik
CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research)
Chandrasekhar limit
chaotic inflation
charge, conservation of
Chibisov, Gennady
Chicago, University of
Churchill, Winston
    future of
Clinton, Bill
closed-universe model
Clover Observatory
coarse-grained description
COBE satellite, see Cosmic

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