Make Me Stay
Chapter 1
    Gracie Miller stepped off the elevator and walked down the long hallway leading to Cade Jameson’s office. She hadn’t seen him in over two years. The memory of him telling her their relationship was over wasn’t a fond one. It was the lowest point in her life. He had his reasons for cutting her loose, and she knew exactly what they were. Now she was here to prove she could more than handle his darker, domineering side. Martin Abrams made sure of that.
    She pushed through the double glass doors and was greeted by a bubbly, young receptionist. “May I help you?”
    “Yes, I’d like to see Mr. Jameson,” Gracie said.
    “Is he expecting you?”
    “No, I’m an old friend. I have a client in this building, so I thought I’d stop by.”
    “Mr. Jameson doesn’t usually see people without an appointment, especially this late in the day.”
    “I understand, but if you’ll just buzz him and tell him Gracie Miller is in his lobby, I’m very certain he’ll see me.” At least she hoped he would.
    “I can try, but his secretary has already left for the day. I’m not even sure he’ll pick up.”
    Gracie could see the apprehension in her eyes as she pressed the button on her phone. She was probably afraid to buzz Cade. He was a no-nonsense boss and liked things the way he liked them. He was domineering in all aspects of his life.
    “Mr. Jameson,” the receptionist said. “There’s someone here to see you.”
    “I don’t have appointments this late in the day. Tell them to call my office in the morning and schedule one like everyone else.”
    Gracie closed her eyes and smiled. It had been over two years since she’d heard his commanding voice. It sent shivers down her spine and an ache landed between her thighs. She had to see him.
    “I understand,” the girl said. “But Ms. Miller says she’s an old friend and you’d see her.”
    There was a brief pause. Gracie could imagine the confusion on Cade’s striking face. Of course he’d be at a loss for words.
    “Mr. Jameson?” the receptionist said in a timid voice. “Gracie Miller is here to see you.”
    “Send her in, and then you may leave for the evening.”
    “Yes, sir.” She let out an unsteady breath and then walked Gracie to Cade’s office.
    Gracie stepped through the threshold and closed the door behind her. Her heart rate increased when she turned to find him leaning against the front of his desk staring at her. He was even more perfect than she’d remembered. His jacket was draped over his chair and he’d loosened his tie. It looked as if it had been a long day.
    When she first left town, she wouldn’t allow herself to think about him at all. Once the pain faded and she realized why he ran from her, she slowly let images and memories seep back into her thoughts.
    This was their second chance. It had to be. She hadn’t put herself through the rigors of being another man’s submissive without reason.
    “Gracie, where have you been?” She could see the shock on his face.
    “In Connecticut.”
    “Connecticut? How the hell did you end up there?”
    “Long story.” The night she’d left the small town outside of Boston, she’d headed to New York City to meet up with a friend. Shortly afterward, she met Martin and he moved her to Connecticut.
    “What are you doing here?” he asked.
    “I’m a consultant for wedding planning companies, and I’ve taken an assignment with a firm in this building.” Thanks to Martin. He’d secured her the long-term job when she told him she wanted to come back to Cade. “I remembered you were just starting out here when I left, so I checked to see if you were still in the building. You moved your space to another floor.”
    “My business is growing, and I needed to hire more employees. This floor was available, so I took it.” He continued to stare at her almost in disbelief that she was standing in front of him. Gracie was certain he’d never expected to see her again.
    “I’m happy

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