Loving Lily

Loving Lily by Marie E. Blossom

Book: Loving Lily by Marie E. Blossom Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marie E. Blossom
dick throb so much, he couldn't
concentrate anymore.   Suddenly he was
right on the cusp, struggling to hold out long enough for her to orgasm.
he murmured, hoping she was.   He didn't
know how much longer he could hold out.   You'd
never know I just fucking came, five minutes ago , he mused, disgusted with
his lack of control.
    She nodded
frantically, hips moving.
    "Yeah, me
too . "
about your brother?" she moaned, digging her fingers into his skin.
    Matt lifted his
head.   "We'll be right there, Alex.   Drink some coffee or something," he
    "What? I
can't hear you. "
    Matt heard Alex
start walking down the hall and he stifled a groan.   "We're getting dressed, Alex.   Give us a minute!"
    Just then, Lily
bit down on his neck, hard.   Matt grunted
and slammed into her, making the door bang against the wall.
doesn't sound like you're buttoning a shirt, Matt," Alex said from right
outside the door, a thread of amusement in his voice.
    Matt panted and
reached out to swing the door completely shut while juggling Lily.   She was pink all over now, nipples pebbled as
she pressed into his chest.   He groaned
and fucked her hard, not caring any longer that Alex could probably hear them.   He didn't care about anything except Lily: her
hands in his hair, her breath in his ear, hot and frantic.   He cupped her ass and slammed into her until
he felt her pussy contract around his dick.   He orgasmed at the same time, his entire body sparking from head to toe.   His cock pulsed as he held onto her.   She'd dug her fingers into his shoulder and he
knew her nails were going to leave marks, but he didn't care.
    When she
finally relaxed, he took a shaky step back, then another, until the back of his
knees hit the bed and they collapsed on it, sweaty and exhausted.
    "There is
no way your brother doesn't know what we were just doing," she muttered,
face against his shoulder.
    Matt couldn't
help it.   He laughed.
    She lifted onto
her elbow and glared at him.
caught Alex in way more compromising positions.   He can deal," Matt said, still chuckling.   "There was that time he was dating
those twins…" He trailed off when Lily whacked him on the arm.
embarrassed! And you think it’s funny. "
    Matt leaned
over and kissed her.   "Don't worry
about Alex.   He won't care.   Take your time.   I'll go deal with him and we can figure out
what to do next. "
    She grunted,
clearly not in the mood to be soothed out of her mortification.   Matt kissed her again.   She was cute when she was irritated.   "The bathroom is over there . " He pointed across the room.   "Come to the kitchen whenever you're
ready . " He pulled the sheet over her and rolled
off the bed.
    Lily pulled the
sheet up over her head when she heard the bathroom door shut.   She refused to budge until he was done.   How could I have let that happen? she asked herself, blushing again just thinking about it.   She'd let him fuck her up against the wall!
With his twin brother right outside the room! God.   She put both hands over her face.   When Matt was done in the bathroom, Lily
peeked out from under the covers.   He
grinned at her and tweaked her foot as he headed for the kitchen.   She gave him the finger, not caring that she
was being childish.   He could kiss her
ass if he expected her to act anything less than embarrassed about this.   So what if she was in her forties? That didn't
mean she'd lost all sense of propriety.
    The thought of
facing Alex right after making love with Matt was enormously uncomfortable for
her.   She had enjoyed sex with her
husband, but it hadn't been anything like what she'd just experienced.   Their relationship had been a lot more
ordinary.   Boring , her mind
whispered to her, but she shushed it, standing up and stretching.   Matt had made sure to shut the door firmly, so
she wouldn't feel embarrassed, but it didn't help all that much.   She knew Alex had heard

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