Love Ties

Love Ties by Em Petrova

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Authors: Em Petrova
Tags: Erotic Romance
body and the rigid way she stood.
    She backed up.
    He stalked her. “That’s not your name, either.”
    “No,” she said at once. Maybe a game of yes/no would work best with her. He could probably detect a lie in her voice easily enough.
    “Your name is Ever?”
    Ace hadn’t found a single living person named Ever except one celebrity baby.
    “How old are you?”
    She raised her chin. “You never ask a lady’s age.”
    “Baby, let me make this clear. If we’re going to continue to see each other, there are things I need to know.”
    “Then we won’t see each other.” She took a step toward the door. He caught her wrist and yanked her back, right into his body. Every inch of her conformed to him. He cupped her ass and slid a finger under the hem of her short shorts.
    She squirmed.
    Watching her face, he teased a finger lower, a scant inch from her pussy. Heat enveloped his fingertip. “How old?”
    “Old enough.”
    “Is that so? For what? Maybe this?” He pushed a finger against her opening, stuffing her lace panties into her pussy. She cried out and went boneless in his hold.
    He buried his nose into her hair and closed his eyes. So young. Too young to go unprotected. He thrust his finger a fraction deeper. She shuddered.
    “What’s your last name?” He nuzzled her ear.
    She didn’t respond, only wiggled as if to bring his finger into her. He withdrew it slightly, and she moaned.
    “Last name.”
    Her breath sawed in her lungs. She was on the edge, and damn, he wanted to give her release with every fiber of his being.
    “Ever…?” He let his knuckle brush her swollen clit.
    Bucking in his hold, she blurted, “Palen!”
    “Good girl.” He soothed her with kisses over her ear to her throat. She angled her head to better receive him. When he rewarded her with a finger inside her panties, she cried out. “Fuck, I need you.” He whirled her, pinning her to the crate, two fingers in her pussy and his tongue in her mouth.
    She fucked his hand, small mewls of pleasure bursting from her. Shocks of heat traveled up his arm and claimed his control. One-handed, he unbuttoned his jeans and slid down his zipper. His cock was distended with need.
    Without asking, Ever fished out his wallet and found the condom. Her eyes were hazy with want, and he drove his tongue back into her mouth for more mind-addling minutes.
    Ever Palen. They’d find her tonight, and tomorrow Strother would have the information he needed. She was young enough that if her file was thin, no one would question it. She’d hardly had time to establish a life.
    Twisting away from the kiss, she panted as she rolled the condom over his erection. He fumbled with her shorts. It crossed his mind that he was fucking her standing up twice in one day, but he was too far gone to care about variety.
    Besides, she was so fucking eager.
    When she angled his cock toward her wet pussy, he barely controlled his growl. He burrowed into her as she sank down on him. He cradled her ass, lifting her and dropping her over and over.
    She came fast and hard, flexing around him as she pounded his back with her fists. Jamison’s mind blanked as total ecstasy washed through him. His scorching orgasm rushed up, and her name left his lips.
    That burning was back in Jamison’s eyes—the one Ever couldn’t ignore. She’d spent too much time with him as it was, but damned if she could stop.
    She swung her leg over his bike and wrapped her arms around him. Loving the hum of the motor underneath her and the feel of the man before her.
    Temptation didn’t come in the form of a syringe or even money for Ever. Nope, give her a whiff of Jamison’s cologne and leather under her hands, and she was a goner.
    He switched on the communication between their helmets as he pulled out of the club parking lot. Night closed in, and the wind teased her hair around her shoulders.
    “You good, baby?”
    Tingling at his deep tone, she nodded.

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