Love on Landing
    As he watched her taxi pull away from the curb, he sank to the ground and put his head in his hands. What the hell just happened?

Chapter Eight
    Tali swiped at the tears on her cheeks with a balled up tissue. She took a few deep steadying breaths and rested her head on the back of the torn leather seat, closing her eyes. What happened back there?
    She liked Gavin. A lot. More than she cared to admit to him or even herself for that matter. But why did he have to be such an asshole all the time? Why couldn't he take her word for how her life was and leave it at that? Why the hell did he have to challenge every single thing she said?
    God, he was so incredibly frustrating. She wanted to punch him. Instead she'd slapped him. Not smart. Not fair either. But totally justified in that one moment. And satisfying. Oh God, so satisfying.
    The expression of shock mixed with a little bit of amusement on his face as the red mark appeared on his cheek from her slapping him was something she wasn't going to forget anytime soon. Nope. That was going into the vault for safekeeping just in case she ever wanted to relive it again.
    Tali handed the driver a few bills as he pulled to a stop at the curb. She climbed out of the taxi, thankful she didn't have a ton of shopping bags to lug with her this time. Today she wasn't in the mood for shopping. No, today she wanted to sit and think for a bit. She pulled open the large, heavy door and stepped inside an exquisitely decorated lobby.
    Tapestries hung over top of rich amber-colored walls. Oil paintings sat on easels along the edges of the room, giving it the feel of a gallery instead of a restaurant. The whole room smelled slightly of something similar to honey. Tali instantly felt at home.
    " Bonjour, Mademoiselle Tali. Comment ça va ?" The maitre d' sauntered over to her, giving her a quick kiss on each cheek.
    "I am well. How are you, Henri?" Her chest swelled a little as if she spoke to an old friend.
    "I am very good. You are looking a little tired, non ? You have been missing your favorite food, oui ?"
    " Bien sûr. I haven't been able to stop thinking about the amazing food here since I arrived. Do you have a spot out on the terrace for me today, Henri?"
    He smiled sweetly at her. She knew he would do whatever needed to get her the table she desired. And he knew exactly which table she wanted without her having to tell him. Having people remember her likes and dislikes was definitely one of the perks of being a Radcliff. Doors magically opened for Tali. Well, not all doors. Some were still firmly closed—like the door that would allow her to walk away from being forced to take over the helm of the family business. That door had no key to unlock it.
    Henri led her out to the terrace to the small corner table she loved so much. Her favorite spot on the terrace had not only an outstanding view of the city, but the table was also slightly removed from the others. She always felt like she was a little bit alone when she sat there, no matter how crowded the restaurant got. Right now, that was exactly what she needed—some time alone with her thoughts.
    Tali ordered coq au vin, her favorite meal, and relaxed back into the cushy chair. These chairs were much more luxurious than a person would expect to see on an outdoor terrace, but Tali appreciated the comfort they provided. She imagined they must bring them in each night to prevent them from getting ruined by the weather. Good thing they did. These chairs were far too nice to let something like the elements touch them.
    She took a small leather-bound case from her handbag, opening it in her lap. She always carried the sketchbook with her since she never knew when she'd be able to sneak in a few minutes to draw. As she flipped the pages, she remembered where she'd been when each drawing had been created. Some of the sketches she'd done while waiting for her father to start a meeting. Those ones were usually small and always

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