Love Me Tomorrow

Love Me Tomorrow by Ethan Day

Book: Love Me Tomorrow by Ethan Day Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ethan Day
Tags: gay romance
the men he’d hired to move the stuff, unload it into the back storage area, where it belonged he had yet to ask—assuming instead she’d been too distracted ogling the sweaty, muscled mover beefcake to think clearly.
    Then there was the mountainous pile of phone messages from potential clients he and Val still hadn’t completely sorted through. He glanced down at the three piles of applications Val had laying on the table, praying that the thicker stack was the ‘no’ pile and not the ‘still waiting to be interviewed’ pile. They had so much work to do and they desperately needed to hire some help if they were going to make a go of it. That knowledge didn’t prevent him from sneering at the piles, struggling to think back over the faces that had sat across the table from them throughout the morning for even one that stood out.
    All he could see was Jake’s face. Stupid, cheater-butt, face .
    He shook his head, wishing he’d never met the fucking asshole.
    His business was finally taking off like a rocket. This was what he had wanted—what he had worked so hard for over the past year. He could not allow this Jake disappointment to ruin the rest of his life.
    So I’ll end up an old maid, or whatever the gay dude equivalent of that happened to be.
    Always the bridesmaid and never the bridegroom.
    The Susan Lucci of love.
    He recalled Valerie’s kitty comment from the night of the benefit and sneered. “The cats are a fucking no go, though. Gotta draw the line somewhere.”
    By the time Valerie came back into the room, Levi looked up, seeing that the lobby was practically empty as the last few people were walking out the door. He immediately began to fear the worst.
    “Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything bad. I did however send everyone home—well, all except one—he’s a total hottie! Even though it’s very apparent you are in no mood for interviewing new employees today, I have no intention of allowing you and your issues to get in the way of me ogling some sexy beefcake for however long I can stretch out this one final interview.”
    He smiled, sitting back in his chair and remembering why he put up with all her other shenanigans. When push came to shove she always had his back… well, sorta.
    “As grateful as I am for you doing that, I feel horrid, Val. Those people took time out of their day and spent money getting here.”
    “End of the day, you’re not really here though, are you?” Val asked.
    Levi shook his head.
    “Then I did them a favor. Besides, I made appointments for the rest of them, sprinkled throughout the week, so they all have set times to come back, which means no sitting around for hours waiting for their turn.”
    “Well, that is nice, I hate waiting.”
    “I’m well aware, you little diva.”
    He scowled at her, and then stuck out his tongue, which she seemed to appreciate, not surprisingly.
    “Bring on the hottie so we can get this over with and get on with our day.”
    “He’s in the restroom, so just settle down there.”
    Levi scoffed. “He can’t urinate on his own time?”
    “Listen here, boss man, this relationship of ours can only work if I remain the snarky, inappropriately selfish one, you dig?”
    He laughed, finding that humorous instead of horrifying… which was a sure sign that the apocalypse was upon them.
    They each plastered on smiles as Valerie’s hottie came out of the restroom, looking mildly embarrassed to see they were waiting on him. As he strode into the conference room, Levi had to admit the man was definitely easy on the eyes. Too young looking for Levi’s taste, but still studly all the same.
    Valerie introduced him as Angelo Salazar. It seemed fitting that he had a name that was every bit as unique and easy to remember as the man himself was. Dark eyes, wavy ink-black, shiny hair and flawless, sun-kissed Mediterranean looking skin all combined to make Angelo one of the single prettiest men Levi had ever seen. He looked like he belonged on

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