Love Me
body on hers, his hair tickling her smooth skin, the fact that everywhere she was soft, he was hard.
    She knew right when he woke up by the way his heart beat faster beneath her hand. She pressed a kiss into his chest before whispering, “Good morning.”
    His arms tightened around her, and then he was pul ing her up his body to kiss her. Just as she had every other time he had pressed his lips to hers, she lost herself in his kiss, gave herself over completely to him, and let down al of her barriers. And then, he was rol ing them over so that her back was flat against the mattress and he was levered over her, staring down at her with those sinful y hot eyes of his.
    She instinctively opened herself up to him, and he moved right into place, the thick head of his cock pushing against her already wet lower lips. In the next heartbeat he was sheathed completely inside of her and she gasped at the hot, heavy weight of him fil ing her so perfectly.
    Holding himself completely stil above her, he continued to stare at her.
    “I can't get enough of you.”
    Again, he wasn't talking about love, and rational y she knew that maybe it would never be anything more than sex for him. But in that moment with her legs wrapped around his hips, her hands gripping his broad shoulders, his heat consuming her, it simply didn't matter.
    “Love me, Luke.”
    His eyes darkened at her words, but before she could take them back or change them or turn them into anything other than what they obviously were, he started moving. His long, hard, ruthless strokes of pleasure inside of her left no room for anything but an al -consuming rush of ecstasy. The feel of Luke's hands and mouth and cock, his murmurs of praise about how beautiful she was, about how good she felt wrapped around him, al came together like an ocean tide that was pul ing her deeper into dangerous waters. She felt herself start to go under a split second before he did, her muscles clenching him so tightly as he pushed even deeper inside her heat.
    And al the while, even as she felt him spurt hot and thick into her, even as she cried out his name, his eyes never left hers. It was beautiful, watching him come, the play of pleasure moving across his face, knowing how good she was making him feel.
    Minutes later as they lay damp and panting side by side on the bed, he turned his head to her. “You probably need to get back to work in the City, don't you.”
    “Probably,” she agreed.
    It was incredibly gratifying to watch disappointment move across his face. And maybe, she thought to herself, even a little mean of her to do that to him. If only to confirm that he'd miss her when she left.
    “But I was thinking I could just make some cal s instead.” She smiled. “I want to stay here with you.”
    For as long as they could possibly keep the “real”
    world at bay.
    “You don't—”
    He cut himself off with a curse and shifted back hard on the bed away from her.
    Fol owing her impulse—apparently where Luke was concerned she was unable to do anything else, even when she knew better, even when she knew she was just setting herself up to be destroyed—she moved from her side of the bed and shifted over him so that she was sitting up above him straddling his hips.
    “You can say anything to me. You know that, don't you?”
    She saw him try to fight a grin and lose the battle.
    “Where the hel did you come from?”
    Holding her hands out at her sides as if she were trying to fly, perfectly comfortable with her nudity, she said,
    “I'm one-of-a-kind.”
    His grin widened, but then, suddenly fel away. “I can't ask you to stay. I shouldn't ask you to stay.”
    “You use those words too much. Can't. Shouldn't. I think you should stop worrying about a bunch of random rules and get to the real question.” She pressed her palms flat against his six-pack, enjoying the feel of his muscles rippling beneath her hands. “What do you want, Luke?”
    “I want you to stay.”
    This time, it

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