Love in Romance Arkansas
After a few snuggles and adjustments, she was nestled under his arm, her head on his chest and one leg hooked over his. One hand settled lightly on his belly. Holding a freezing person is one thing, holding a warm, beautiful woman is another. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word hard. It is easy to hold a beautiful woman, it is hard not to embarrass oneself while doing it.
    A pleasant question he had been toying with for several weeks floated into his mind. “Tell you what. How about we get married and let this be the place for as long as and as often as we want?”
    * * * *
    Six weeks later on a cold gray winter day, Jenny and John began their life together. As the wedding guests left, snow began to fall, lightly at first, building to a heavy fall of big fluffy flakes. As they watched, the view of the valley became obscured as the outside world shut down.
    With a look of mischievous happiness Jenny said, “Let’s write the ending to that book of yours.”
    In the nest of blankets before the fire, everything was soft (well not everything was soft), easy, warm and unhurried. Little yelps, moans and groans of pleasure, punctuated several times by wails of feminine satisfaction, issued from the nest long into the night.

About the Author
    I live in Benton, AR with wife Debbie. I have one of the last Bachelors of Forestry degrees awarded in the United States. Four years were spent in the US Air Force, where I learned absolutely nothing about forestry, but much about people. I have been employed as a Forest Entomologist for the past thirty-eight-plus years. The degree I received in 1969 qualifies me to be a dinosaur, and you know where all the dinosaurs are.
    Hobbies include woodworking, turning pens and pencils out of tropical woods, skeet shooting with Jess, trap shooting with Debbie and informal non-competitive benchrest shooting. We have traveled extensively in the Southern US. I used to hunt and fish a bit, but the critters don’t bother me anymore, so I don’t bother them.
    In general, I try to enjoy life and not take myself too seriously.

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