Love Beyond Expectations
like more of a pinch. Immediately, the pain left, and she quickly forgot it.
    Inch by inch, her body stretched to meet him.
    " Merde . So tight. So perfect."
    Slowly, he began to move. With each thrust of his body, he tightened his grip on her wrists. She'd never have imagined she would like the sensation of being held down but she really, really did. Her hips moved to meet his every press.
    When she'd exploded on his tongue, it had felt like the world shattered around her. But now? With him inside of her, joined as close as they ever could be, instead she couldn't get over the rightness of it.
    The same pressure that had pushed her forward began again in her womb. But this time she knew she wasn't alone in it. Every gasp she made, Christophe countered. She loved the way his eyes devoured her face. He bit down on his lip. She raised her head until she could nip at it herself.
    His eyes widened, and then he grinned, driving into her even harder. She cried out as his thick cock rubbed against her clit in just the right way. The world spun around her, and only Christophe remained solid in the storm.
    She gripped onto him for dear life, their bodies moving fast together. Sweat slid down her arms.
    "Tell me you're mine , mon coeur . Give me your words."
    "Yours. Always. Forever," she said from the depths of her heart, from the place where she hid her most sacred truths. The part of her that had always known she was an Outsider; that the destiny she'd lived so far hadn't been the right one because it hadn't included Christophe.
    Colors spread in front of her eyes while she came apart. Over and over again, her pussy wept and her muscles clenched. He called out her name, and she felt the hot surge of his semen entering her body. She knew she couldn't get pregnant, but in that moment, she wouldn't have cared if she had, she might even have liked it. Anything created out of their joining would only be fantastic.
    She panted, holding him close to her when he collapsed. Her hands, now free, stroked his back. She could feel where her fingernails had dug into him earlier and she winced. If their lovemaking was always going to be like that, she was going to have to file the nails down.
    He rolled her over on top of him, pulling her into his embrace until her head pressed against his chest. She raised her eyes to look at him and found his lids sealed shut. His breathing sounded strong and even. She grinned, unable to stop the giddy feeling from surging inside of her. Christophe had passed out. She'd really worn the man out.
    Adjusting herself until she felt more comfortable, she lay quietly, listening to him breathe. He didn't seem to be a snorer, which would be a real gift to their relationship. The rain hit the top of the mansion, drumming steadily.
    When he woke up, there would be decisions to make. As much as she wanted that stick from the preacher, there seemed little question now that they had to go get Colin. Christophe's brother could not be allowed to languish in some torture chamber. Not now that she knew that together, she and Christophe could manipulate their powers.
    Her eyes drifted shut. When they woke up, they'd figure something out. Her eyes closed all the way. She couldn't remember when she'd ever been so tired, but then again she'd been waiting to sleep next to him her entire life

Chapter Nine
    Sebastian stared down at the unmoving body of Drew Dubowski. In sleep, the man actually appeared pleasant. But Sebastian knew that to be the furthest thing from the truth. He'd lived with the man for three years.
    Drew could spit bullets when he wanted to.
    Drew had been his first attempt to turn an Outsider. Years before he'd made any real effort on Gabriel and Alexa, he'd tried with Drew. Of course, that hadn't turned out as he'd hoped, but it did seem to have stopped him from taking his soul mate, which made Sebastian smile.
    The Outsiders would never have the power to overtake him until they'd all given into their

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