Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom by Hayton Monteith

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Authors: Hayton Monteith
Tags: Fiction, General
    “That scaffolding is part of the refurbishing job that will be done on her so that she will look like her old self again.”
    “I think she’s beautiful now,” Lotus breathed. “So are you.” Dash gently bit her ear.
    Lotus sucked in a breath, looking around her, but the other passengers seemed to be busy, working out of briefcases or looking out their own windows.
    “Tonight, we’ll party, China Doll.”
    “Yes.” I want to keep him for just a little while, she thought, begging whatever Fates were listening to heed her.
    When the helicopter made its landing on the building without a hitch, it didn’t take them long to get out. Then they took a swift elevator to the ground floor, where Dash whisked her to the street. His piercing whistle and upraised finger startled her. A taxi cruised to the curb, the squeal of brakes making Lotus jump backwards. Dash put her into the cab and followed her chuckling. “Now you are in for the thrilling part of the trip, love, a taxi ride in New York.”
    Lotus felt her head snap back as they jetted into the mainstream for traffic. “Eeek! He’s going to hit that . . . no, watch out for . . .” Lotus choked, as their driver wove in and out of vehicles, his hand never once leaving the horn. She pushed her face into Dash’s chest when he put his arms around her. “Tell me when we arrive,” she mumbled into his shirt front. “Don’t tell me if we get into an accident.” She felt as though all of her sensible self had just flown out the window.
    “Crazy lady,” he whispered into her hair. “I’ve never enjoyed a cab ride so much.”
    “Masochist,” Lotus mumbled, opening one eye, then closing it hurriedly. “What is the name of our hotel?” Her muffled voice was barely audible.
    “I thought I told you I had an apartment in Manhattan, not too far from the Metropolitan Museum. If you like we can tour that. . .
    Lotus lifted her head a fraction. “I must get home. As it is, I should call my brothers as soon as possible.” She lifted her left hand and looked at her watch. “They’ll be leaving to pick me up at the airport soon.”
    “We’ll call as soon as we get in the apartment,” Dash assured her, kissing her forehead. And tonight, my elusive darling, I am going to try to get you to open upfind out what it is. “Ah, here we are.” Dash paid the driver and pushed open the door.
    The sand-colored building with ornate carving in concrete at every window had a beige canopy over the entrance with a doorman in attendance. The small wrought-iron balconies jutted out over the avenue. Lotus knew without asking that it was an exclusive address. She hesitated, watching Dash as he pocketed his wallet, then looked at her. “Nice place.”
    “Yes.” Dash was noncommittal. He sensed her discomfort, though she didn’t seem to be impressed with his place. “I’m on the top floor.”
    Lotus looked up the front of the building. She could see a terrace at the top. “I see.”
    Dash took her arm and guided her to the door, now held open by the man who doffed his cap to them. “Good afternoon, Williams,” Dash greeted him.
    “Good afternoon, Mr. Colby. Miss.” He smiled at Lotus who returned the smile.
    “This is Miss Wes . . . Miss Sinclair. She may be coming back and forth to my suite.”
    “Yes, sir.”
    Dash led her through the small lobby decorated in ecru and beige, their feet sinking into the plush carpeting. Once he had her in the elevator, he noticed that she wasn’t looking at him. When he tried to catch her gaze, it would slide away from him. “Is there something about my building that you don’t like?”
    “Do you own the building?”
    Dash straightened away from the wall, the hair on his arms raising. Why did he have the sensation that his whole future rested on his answer?
    Why does my little doll have an aversion to money ? “Yes, I own it. Perhaps I should say that my family owns it, and that I share ownership with them.” “Are they in

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