Lose Control

Lose Control by Donina Lynn

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Authors: Donina Lynn
him so completely, to offer herself to him in such a
way, was both staggering and humbling. His chest swelled at the emotions
suddenly settling there. To him, her trust was the ultimate gift, and he was
going to cherish that, and her, for as long as she would allow him.
    Myles stood up
and ran the back of his hand down her cheek, past her neck, and continued down
the length of her arms until he reached her hands. He wrapped and secured her
wrists with a knot before he reached down to scoop her into his arms.
    Myles looked
down at the woman who had freed him from the restraints he’d placed upon himself
and taught him in such a short time he didn’t have to hold back or keep himself
in check. That letting go and letting himself feel was okay. Better than okay.
It was the right thing to do.
    “I’m not sure
how I got so lucky to have you come back into my life after all these years,
but I’m not going to second guess it again. You’re perfect, in every sense of
the word, and you make me want to be perfect for you.”
    “Perfection is
overrated. I’ll take flawed any day. As long as there is some spanking involved.”
    She waggled her
eyebrows at him, causing him to chuckle as he started making his way to the
bedroom. “Baby, I might not be able to promise you romance, but that is one thing I can guarantee is in
your future.”

    Cassie slid into
the back of the limo, thanking the driver as he closed the door behind her. As
soon as it shut, a deep voice echoed throughout the interior.
    “Come here.”
    A shiver ran
over her at the command and she quickly shimmied across the seat, all too eager
to get close to Myles. Over the past three weeks, they hadn’t spent more than a
few hours apart. They laughed, talked, traveled, worked, and had phenomenal sex
together each and every day. And Cassie couldn’t be happier.
    This latest
business trip, however, had come out of nowhere and included a scheduling snafu
where there was one very important person missing from their usual joined at
the hip status—him. Three days and two insufferably lonely nights later, she
couldn’t wait to get back into his arms.
    Strong hands
wrapped around her waist and lifted to place her across his lap. The second she
was seated, he cupped the back of her neck and pulled her close, his lips
descending on hers in a hungry and consuming kiss. Cassie instantly opened for
him. The desperation of needing to feel him, taste him after what felt like an
eternity, fueled her movements as she met each stroke of his tongue with her own.
His fingers dug into her hip where the palm of his free hand had landed possessively
and, with a groan, he pulled back to place his forehead on hers.
    “Christ, I
missed you.”
    Fighting the
urge to pout that his mouth wasn’t fused to hers anymore, Cassie snuggled her
head against his neck instead and breathed in his familiar scent. “I missed you,
    How had she ever
managed to get through a day without him? Before him? Cassie had always been strong,
independent, stubborn, carefree… But, Myles completed her in a way she hadn’t
realized she’d been lacking. With him, she found contentment and a happiness
that could only be described as blissful.
    Yep, she’d
turned into that girl. Hopelessly in
love, nauseatingly happy, and quite literally whipped. Well, if she had any say
in the matter, she would be as soon as they were alone and they could try out
the new toys she’d bought while she was in Miami. Among the cat-of-nine-tails,
she’d grabbed some silk ropes, a flogger, and nipple clamps.
    That last day at
the cabin, she learned a vital lesson. Bondage can be damn freeing. Not only
did tying her up allow Myles to finally get over his past and toss away the
baggage he’d been carrying around with him, Cassie realized that there was an
inner freak-streak running deep and hot within her. Apparently, it had always
been there lurking within, hidden alongside her desire to be submissive.

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