Linc by Aliyah Burke

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Authors: Aliyah Burke
    “Yes sir, thank you.”
     She signed out, gathered up her stuff and made her way through the frigid temperatures to her vehicle.
    Not much later, everyone was home and the wind and snow had picked up, whipping around the cosy and warm house. Chaya headed up from her bedroom and paused at the end of the hall. Sara and Danny were playing a video game. Sara had been living here for almost a month now. Her parents had allowed her to stay with Chaya in order to finish school with all her friends.
    She headed into the kitchen and stood there braced against the counter, trying to decide what to make for dinner. A knock at the door made her blink.
    “Got it,” she called out.
    Tugging on her shirtsleeve, she walked to the door and peered out of the window to see who it was. All she could see was a tall figure—nothing definite in the way of identification.
    She opened the door and found herself without breath. The cold air didn’t help, but it wasn’t the reason. Linc was standing there, tall and imposing. The collar of his leather trench coat was turned up to help ward off the wind. A black leather newsboy sat on his head. It was his eyes, though. They held on to hers and refused to let them go.
    “Invite me in,” he said softly.
    Chaya stepped back and inhaled deeply when he moved past her. Her skin tingled at his familiar scent. After closing the door she took a few fortifying breaths before turning back to him.
    “What are you doing here?”
    He removed both gloves and trench coat. Her eyes lingered on his powerful body. He was clad in all black and she licked her lips and struggled not to touch him. Only after he’d hung up his coat did he face her again.
    “What are you doing here?” Danny’s voice demanded as he inserted himself in front of her.
    Linc looked at him and said, “I’ve come to talk to your mom.”
    Sara also appeared and stood at her side, a gesture she took to heart. They were both ready to protect her.
    “Mom?” Danny questioned without taking his eyes from Linc.
    “I’ll be okay, Danny, thank you. You too, Sara.”
    She nodded her blonde head before she guided Danny from the room. All too soon it was just her and the man who played havoc with her senses. Linc didn’t speak—all he did was stare at her as if he was memorising her.
    It began to unnerve her and she shifted on her feet. “What do you want?”
    “You know what I want, Chaya. I’ve never hidden that from you.”
    She shook her head, determined to ignore the flood of heat in her body at his words. “You manipulated me.”
    “No. I didn’t. I thought I had, but I can’t compel you to do anything, Chaya.”
    “You can take people’s memories. Mess with their heads.”
    “Yes.” His answer was swift and unapologetic. “I’m a god, Chaya. I can do almost anything.”
    “Except compel me.”
    His expression was totally serious. “Except that. Chaya, if I had the ability to do that, you wouldn’t have been apart from me these past weeks. I promise you that.”
    “So you tried.”
    “Yes.” Another unrepentant statement. Chaya approved of his honesty even if she didn’t agree with what he’d been trying to do.
    “So…” She swallowed. “What you’re telling me is that what happened between us was natural?”
    Flames flickered in the depths of his eyes. “Of course. You never lost your free will, Chaya.”
    She worried her lower lip. “Why are you telling me this? So you don’t have to pretend to apologise?”
    “Apologise? No. I already told you I wouldn’t do that. I know I’m arrogant, pushy, and many other things. I am used to having things my way. It’s who I am, Chaya. I can’t change that.”
    “And I can’t change who I am.”
    “I don’t ever want you to.”
    She didn’t know what to say. Blinking rapidly, she tried to figure out how to respond to his statement.
    “Chaya. I’ve told you we belong together and that I’m not letting you go. And you…well, you threw my necklace

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