Let Me In-Dragan's Tale: The Mikhailov Brothers

Let Me In-Dragan's Tale: The Mikhailov Brothers by Amanda Hough

Book: Let Me In-Dragan's Tale: The Mikhailov Brothers by Amanda Hough Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda Hough
and was in real good with Rosa and Lenny. Within a year, he’d taught me all I needed to know to manage the place and I found that I loved it. I’d developed a true affection for a lot of the regulars. I got to hear the live bands and even sang every now and again.
    Sundays, however, were special. On Sundays, I came in early to bake sweet breads and muffins. And whatever I sold, Rosa let me keep the profits. That was at least an extra two hundred bucks in my pocket a week. And all that extra went into my Booth fund.
    In addition to my job at the bar, I worked a few mornings for Benny. Plus, I cleaned about fifteen businesses a week. Every extra dime I made, with the exception of the occasional pedicure, went to the fund.
    Rosa had been itching to go back home to Oklahoma since her husband died. And she and I had an agreement. When she was ready to sell, I got first crack at The Booth . It was my place and I wanted it. Rosa just didn’t have the heart to make changes, but I did. A bigger stage and a better kitchen was just the start. The place was already legendary; I was going to make it epic.
    So I started on dry ingredients, ignored that fact that my car was still dead at the side of the road and started baking.
    The Dragan
    After dropping Toni off at the bar, I went to my apartment, stripped and jumped in the shower. My mind turning over the fucked up dream from the night before. I’d scared the hell out of Antonina. No woman should wake up to some jackass screaming on her sofa. I’d been having those nightmares more often since I was back in Austin. I’d also had my fair share of erotic dreams since I’d first laid eyes on Toni. I would have preferred a wet dream to what I got this morning. Christ, just thinking about waking up to that beautiful face looking down at me got me hard. Fuck, the erection I immediately sprouted was enough to drive the images of the nightmare death from my mind. Then she had to go and be nice to me. That just fucked with my head more. And I was a prick to her. She kept pushing me to talk to her. Hearing her voice, husky with sleep, offering to help just made me harder. The woman was a flat knockout. Just wakin’ up to that. I didn’t deserve it with the way I’d been treating her but I wanted it.
    But, today was the day. No more games. The call I just got clinched it.
    When I’d approached Rosa about selling The Booth to me six months ago, she’d initially refused. Equivocated back and forth on why, but the answer was always no. I knew I was going to retire once the shit was done with Irina and the Drobski case. I just didn’t know how long I’d be working it in Austin.
    Imbedded agents had brought east coast operations of the syndicate to a screeching halt right around the time I’d reappeared to my brother and sisters. I thought I was going to find a family unit, tight and dirty. Instead I discovered Sergey only really had a relationship with Brenna. And that was predicated on keeping Irina and the rest of the family at a distance. My brother was a good cop. And a righteous man. They’d asked him to do a favor that wasn’t on the up and up and he cut them loose. In truth, I was fucking relieved. I needed him as a professional ally. And in truth, I missed him. I had great memories of Sergey. He was a great big brother. And then I met Evelyn Snow. Lovely Evie made me her mission. She was going to save me. I hated lying to her. I needed her to think, I was a bad dude. Shit, I could be a bad guy but she wouldn’t hear of it. She was going to save me. I loved that woman instantly. She was soft and warm. Considerate and funny. Evelyn was a big reason I was ready to make Austin home again.
    On New Year’s Eve , I went to a party at The Booth. It was a celebration. Not only of the New Year but that afternoon Rosa Sabin verbally accepted my offer to buy the bar. Hell, she’d agreed to sell the whole damn building. I had the block and I had big plans. She just had one

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