Let Me In

Let Me In by Leigh Jackson

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Authors: Leigh Jackson
guard around him.  Since this guy appears to be the complete opposite of Tuck, I absolutely want to dance with him.
              “Sure,” I reply and give him my hand as he leads me to the dance floor.  I stumble a bit when I jump off my stool.  Those four shots of tequila are already making my mind a bit hazy and jumbled.  He grabs my arm to steady me and smiles.  Something about his smile is off to me, but I attribute it to my already slightly inebriated state. 
              “My name is Colin,” he informs me as he pulls me close to him when we reach the dance floor.
              “Nice to meet you, Colin.  I’m Kori.”
              “Yeah, I remember from you singing.  You have a really sexy voice, Kori.  I would love if you would sing to me one day.”
              Wow, that’s original.  He could at least come up with a better pick up line than that.   I just smile at him and give a suppressed groan as he winks at me.  I decide to be thankful that I am well on my way to being drunk, or I probably wouldn’t be able to dance with Colin.  He just seems to be too much of a prick.  Since I have tequila coursing through my body, my hips mold to his as he grinds into me in beat with the song.  I let his hands roam down my back, lingering just a bit too long at my breasts as they make their way down to the small of my back.  I don’t stop him as he grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me into his groin.  I close my eyes as he runs his tongue down my neck and nips at the hollow where my throat meets my shoulders.  I want to stop him, but I don’t.  I want it to be Tuck’s arms that I’m dancing in, but it’s not.  It’s this douche Colin.  I wind my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me. 
              My eyes fly open when Colin is suddenly pulled away from me.  Tuck stands glowering in front of Colin.
              “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?  Get off her!”  Tuck looks menacingly pissed off.  I would have been terrified if that rage had been directed at me. 
              “My bad, Tuck.  I-I didn’t know she was with you.  S-s-she didn’t say anything about it.”  Colin can’t get the words out fast enough.  He has his hands in front of him in a position of surrender as he quickly backs away.  He appears to be panicked and can’t get away from my unwelcome rescuer quickly enough.  When he has completely disappeared from sight, I turn toward Tuck in anger.
              “What the hell, Tuck?  What do you think you’re doing?  You had no right to come over here.”  I jerk away from him as he reaches for my arm.  I almost fall from the sudden movement but quickly steady myself and push my way to the bar.  I don’t care who I shove out of my way in my tequila-fueled rage. 
              “Kai, I need my guitar.”  I wait just a minute as he hands my case across the lacquered bar.  I silently grab it and continue pushing my way to the door.  I reach the door and stumble out of it into the humid night air.  By this point my legs are feeling extremely unsteady, so I hurry to my truck.  I jerk open the door and toss my guitar into the back seat.  In the back of my alcohol-logged mind, I am aware of the fact that I don’t need to drive in my condition.  However, the rage that Tuck worked up in me renders me incapable of making sane decisions.  I slam the door and fumble to fit my key into the ignition.  I miss the ignition slot, and my keys strike the floorboard.  I curse as I reach down to grab them, but before my fingers can snatch them up, another hand seizes them out of my grasp.
              “You’re not driving yourself home, Kori,” I hear Tuck growl from the passenger seat.  “Get out and let me drive you.”
              “Go fuck

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