Let Me In

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Authors: Michelle Lynn
grab the tube of white chocolate and bring it to her stomach, squeezing a line from her breasts down her stomach to her pussy. I slowly lick her stomach clean and make my way down to her neatly trimmed sex. Inserting my tongue between her folds, I grab her clit with my teeth, sucking it into my mouth. “More, Grant,” she gasps. I relinquish her hands and they fly to the back of my head, holding it against her as she bucks into my face. Her pleasure increases and her moans become louder and more frequent. I’m so turned on from the sounds of pleasing her that I want to touch myself just to relieve the pressure.
    In all my previous experiences, I’ve never had a girl like Jessa. She takes what she wants and isn’t embarrassed to explore and experiment. It’s sexy as hell how unashamed of her sexuality she is. One more thrust into my face and she holds still, finding her release.
    I try to make my way back up to her, but she quickly rolls me back over. “My turn now,” she says with a wicked flicker in her gorgeous eyes, and I think to myself, Can this girl get any hotter? “Scoot to the edge.” She nudges my ass to the end of the bed and rests herself on her knees between my legs. After taking a sip of the coffee on the nightstand, she pours the caramel over my cock and encases her lips over it. The warmth of her mouth from the coffee instantly makes me thrust, and my hands move down to massage her short hair. She doesn’t stop, working my dick like a lollipop, licking and sucking non-stop. The moans escaping her mouth match mine, and the fact that she’s enjoying sucking me off has me grabbing the comforter in tight fistfuls.
    A little longer , I keep telling myself, but I can’t hold off. Then her hand fondles my balls and it’s all over. Peeking up at me, her eyes meet mine as she patiently waits for me to finish coming before she swallows. Jessa slowly removes her lips from the crown of my dick, licking it clean, and I wonder if I’ll ever come down.
    “Well…that was the best Valentine’s Day ever,” I compliment her, bringing her to my lap.
    “I agree,” she says, kissing my cheek. “Now, I need my coffee.” She grabs one of the cups and hands it to me before getting her own.
    “I bought you some other stuff. Not sure what you like.” I pick up the bag, pulling out the chocolate croissant.
    “My favorite,” she exclaims. “Did you call Sadie or something?” She takes the croissant out of my hand and takes a bite. “Here, have some,” she offers, shoving it in my face.
    I take a small bite and moan in delight.
    “I know, it’s so good.” She rests against my headboard and it’s the best vision I’ve seen in all my life. Her naked in my bed, eating something I picked out and drinking the coffee I got her. All of this right after we just explored one another’s bodies.
    “No, I have more in the bag,” I say.
    “Oh, you’re heaven sent. Let me see.” She snags the bag from my hand and I chuckle. The childlike behavior she’s exhibiting is adorable.
    We sit on the bed, drinking our coffee and eating the Danishes while we talk about last night, when my phone rings.
    “Shit!” I yell. I pick up the phone remembering what I forgot. “Sorry, man, I’ll be there in fifteen.” I hang up. “Practice,” I tell Jessa.
    “Oh yeah,” she says and stands up, starting to get dressed.
    “No, take those off,” I demand as she’s about to pull her panties up. She gives me a quizzical look. “I’ll clean you first,” I inform her and wait for her to follow me into the

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