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Authors: Michelle Lynn
knees and tear off my baseball hat, throwing it across the room. The thud signifies the lid hit the sole picture frame on my desk.
    I’m such a moron. How did I ever think this would work? I run my fingers through my hair in frustration, and like always, the silence kills me. I’m so sick of being alone, sick of everyone leaving me.
    The turn of the knob at my bedroom door surprises me, and I raise my head to find Jessa dressed in her work-out clothes from last night. Her make-up might be a little smeared, but she looks breathtaking to me.
    “Oh, I thought I would beat you back,” she says, walking into the room nonchalantly.
    As though I didn’t just think the worst, I ask, “Where did you go?” I walk over to the desk and pick up my hat, situating the picture frame back on top.
    “I had to go get something.” She has a bag behind her and my curiosity is piqued. Slowly she makes her way to where I’m standing by the dresser.
    “What is that?” I ask in a sing-song voice.
    “Well, yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I didn’t get you anything,” she says, inching closer. “Unfortunately, there wasn’t much left at the store so we’ll have to be creative.”
    “Alright…” I patiently wait for her to finish.
    “See, I like to draw,” she says and takes out something that looks like frosting. “And trace,” she continues, taking out another tube. “But most of all, I love desserts,” she states, holding up white, brown and black plastic-filled tubes. “Do you want to be my canvas? I promise to lick you clean when I’m done.”
    Shit, I think I just became fully erect. Calm yourself down, two minutes ago you thought she left you, I tell myself. Then my irrational side says, fuck that.
    “I’ll be your canvas anytime,” I say aloud. “But I’ll warn you, I’m not an artist, but I love my desserts, too. And if you lick me, I lick you.” I grab her arms and pull her to me, capturing her lips.
    “No, buddy, we do this my way this time.” She pushes back from me and then takes the hem of my t-shirt, pulling it up over my body. I quiver as her hands skim gently over my chest. Then her fingers hit the waistband of my pants and her lips brush lightly across my pecs. I’m already so hard that she puts her hand on my pants and gently unsnaps and unzips them until my cock breaks free through my boxers.
    “Let’s move over to the bed,” she says and backs me up. Just as my legs touch the mattress, she pushes me down onto the bed. “Perfect.”
    “No, not perfect. Take off your clothes,” I request, and she automatically sheds her shirt and pants, exposing her exquisite black bra and lack of panties.
    “Better?” she asks and I nod my head, unable to speak. I do manage to scoot my way up on the bed before she straddles me.
    “Hmm…decisions. Which do I prefer the most, white chocolate, caramel, or hot fudge?” She contemplates the tubes in her hand and meanwhile, the anticipation of her pouring any of the above over me and licking me clean has me at the brink already. “I think I’m going to go with hot fudge,” she says, popping the top off and drawing a small line between my nipples before putting drops on each one. “Let’s mix some flavors,” she smirks down at me and I grab her hips firmly, silently telling her I can’t take much more.
    Grabbing the caramel, she puts some on her thumb and rubs it across my lips. “I’ll give you a taste,” she remarks, moving down so her lips touch mine. She licks each lip and then inserts her tongue, the sticky sweetness combines as our mouths join together. My hands reach around and undo her bra, throwing it on the floor, and her body crashes on top of mine.
    Rolling us over, I straddle her and see the smeared hot fudge all over her tits. Holding her hands to her sides, I take her left tit into my mouth, biting lightly on her peaked nipple. She wiggles and arches her back to try and get free, pushing it further into my mouth.
    Discreetly, I

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