Let Him Reign: An Underworld Romance

Let Him Reign: An Underworld Romance by Lane Hart

Book: Let Him Reign: An Underworld Romance by Lane Hart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lane Hart
with their backs pressed against each other. Despite how much they might argue and fight during the day, at night it's like they need to be close to each other.
    I leave the light on in the bathroom adjoining their room in case they need to potty during the night, and then ease out the door. I sigh in relief that they're safe tonight and peacefully asleep, glad I got be the one tucking them in, unlike most nights when I'm working.
    Walking back into my guest room, I'm definitely not expecting to find Eric stretched out on top of the bed. I can't help but smile at the sight of him, knowing he's in here with me and not with the beautiful, classy blonde woman. It doesn't hurt that he also looks so freaking sexy smiling with his hands behind his head, the top of his white dress shirt unbuttoned and the bottom untucked from his gray slacks.
    "So, your friend's gone so soon?" I can't help but ask. He only rolls his eyes in a juvenile response. "You didn't want to fuck her? It's obvious she wants you."
    "Hell no," he says, surprising me. "I wouldn't put it past her to save the cum from my condom to try and impregnate herself."
    "Ew. What?" I ask in confusion.
    He puffs out a breath. "My wonderful father has found a way to fuck me over from his grave. His will says that if I don't have a male heir before midnight on my twenty-fifth birthday, in less than two years, then I forfeit my inheritance...and everything that goes along with it."
    "Oh," I mutter in stunned understanding.
    "So when word got out, women began flocking to town like geese to try and get me to knock them up, or at least agree to marry them. They want my money and status, instead of me. They're nothing more than a bunch of greedy, deceitful whores. At least you're honest about it."
    I swallow back the hurt caused by his words, knowing he didn't say it to be intentionally insulting. It's what I am, and all I'll ever be to him. There are worst things to endure in life than having sex with this incredibly hot man.
    "So why do you still have on all your clothes?" I ask.
    "I thought we could go back to my room on the other side of the house, so you can be as loud as you want. And I promise I will make you scream," he assures me, and all I can think is, Yes, please.
    "As long as you put a few guards in front of the boys' door, lead the way," I tell him and he quickly scrambles to his feet.
    Instead of showing me the way, he picks me up, wraps my legs around his waist and carries me while claiming my mouth in a dominating kiss. We pass guards already in the hallway, but Eric is obviously unfazed by them seeing us together. He is their boss, so I guess he has the right to do whatever he wants in front of them. I try not to think about how many other woman they've probably seen him with.
    When he walks into a humongous bedroom he shuts and locks the door before lowering us both down on top of the massive four poster bed. Eric’s wonderful, familiar scent of sandalwood and new leather is even stronger in here, making me feel safe and happy.
    "I've been thinking about fucking you all goddamn day," he says, pushing my shirt up and over my head. Reaching underneath my back, he unfastens my bra and slides the straps down my arms. He gasps and goes silent for a second before he sits back on his knees and explodes.
    "Those motherfuckers! I will rip them apart, limb by limb!"
    I look down and realize he must be upset about the marks on both of my breasts. I'd forgotten they were there. "Usually Simon gives me a little of his blood afterwards to heal them, but he didn't last night. Bastard didn't give me my payout, either."
    " Usually ?" Eric exclaims like he's hearing what I do for a living for the very first time. "Fucking vampires."
    Needing to distract him, I pull his face down to mine, kissing him gently. "Why don't you kiss them and make them better?" I say to him.
    The angry fire in his eyes dims slightly before his lips lower to my neck.
    "What's your blood type?" he asks

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