Leoti by Sienna Mynx

Book: Leoti by Sienna Mynx Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sienna Mynx
controlled her passion and like a good girl she loosened the tightness of her thighs and parted her knees.
    He drank her essence, with his tongue exploring, running over the inner pink lips of her sex. And she released the sexiest cry of pleasure to ever escape a woman in his possession. Elu sucked at her clitoris and her ass bucked up off the sheets. Gently he pushed her down by the abdomen. He loved her with his mouth. And when it got even better for him he parted the lips of her pussy and lapped at her core with the full width and length of his tongue. Elu thrust one finger inside her, then two. She was delicious, he thought, and ever-so ready. He groaned aloud, not sure how much longer he could withstand the torture of only tasting her passion and not unleashing his own. It took some doing but he forced himself to withdraw and look upon her, writhing, her legs and feet dropping off his shoulders, spread wide. Elu pressed his palm to her exposed pussy and smiled. “Go with it, Leoti,” he whispered, stroking her through the last of her orgasmic quakes.
    She was ready.
    Elu moved to a kneeling position and guided her legs around his waist as he entered her. Leoti gazed up at him with half-opened eyes, wild hair, and beautifully parted swollen lips. This time he was possessive and strong. He delivered massive thrusts while holding to her hips to make sure she could withstand the force. And it felt so glorious his control slipped. He fell upon her, careful of his weight. He gently kissed her neck. He could feel the hot wetness coming from between her legs, the sticky sweetness of her climax beneath him as he rocked his cock in and out of her sweltering hot channel. His head lifted and her hand went to his lips. He drew one of her fingers inside his mouth, sucking it. He wished to keep his cock in her, buried longer. Releasing her finger he looked down at her. He kissed her shoulder then up to her neck, lowering his body down to hers and trailing his kisses to her mouth. She returned his passion, no longer struggling to fight, and he entwined her tongue with his own. With another powerful thrust forward he forced air from her lungs. His sweet, sweet Leoti moaned, turning from his kiss and writhing in pleasure beneath him as he gripped her hips pumping inch after inch into her. He sucked in a deep breath after the force of his pleasure shot through his cock and paralyzed his lungs. Temporarily dazed from the rush he drew back, and then thrust into her again, and again, and again.
    Grunting he held on to one of her hips, riding her hard until their bodies were hot with fever and covered with sweat. Her pussy began to coil with tension around his cock and release. Every time he thrust into her, her breasts bounced softly. And she finally screamed out in pleasure when the pounding became too much, throwing her hips up at him. Elu gave her a powerful thrust and released. He nearly blacked out from the pleasure as he poured his seed into her. Wanting to fill her up, and coat her womb. Secretly wishing that the magic of Leoti came with this union and made her his always.
    “Elu, you’re hurting me,” she said softly beneath him.
    In his exhaustion he had collapsed his weight on her. Immediately he rose. “I’m sorry,” he kissed her face, “I’m sorry.”
    He pulled out of her but she came into his arms, snuggling his chest like lovers do. She yawned, her breath warm and sweet against his chest as she settled back down into sleep.
    “Let me clean you.” He tried to rise.
    “No, I want you in me,” she said softly drifting, “I like it.”
    He smiled and hugged her. Hugged her tight and allowed himself to slip, to sleep with her.
    Elu woke. He climbed out of bed. She moaned and rolled over. Grabbing his robe he covered his nakedness and crept from the room. The place was still but he couldn’t sleep. The journal haunted him. He wished he’d never picked it up. That he never kept it from her.

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