Last Wild Boy

Last Wild Boy by Hugh MacDonald

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Authors: Hugh MacDonald
Tags: Fiction
much worse. I’ll go take care of it.” He grabbed a bottle of water and disappeared into the trees.
    While he was gone, Nora thought about running. But then she remembered the pack of dogs and started wondering what else might be out in the wild. She realized that even though she didn’t know Mabon, and she certainly couldn’t trust an outsider, she felt safer when he was around. And he seemed to know things about the wild that might be useful. She decided to stick with him for now.
    When Mabon returned a few moments later, he was carrying the clean diaper, a full water bottle, and a good-sized fish.
    â€œWhere did you get that?” Nora asked, gesturing at the fish.
    â€œI found a river nearby. There was a young bear there and he was tossing fish up on the bank. He ran away when I got there, so I borrowed one.” He beamed. “We’ll cook it later.”
    He handed Nora the clean diaper and the water bottle. “Can I ask you something?” he said.
    Nora gulped the fresh water down. “I guess so,” she said, shifting Adam in her lap and picking up a tube of nutrifier.
    â€œSo this baby is a boy. He looked complete. Is this why you are out in the wild?”
    â€œYes,” Nora said, holding the nutrifier up to Adam’s lips. “My companion and I found him inside Aahimsa, near the wall. I knew that if the police found him, they’d terminate him. I couldn’t let them do that. I managed to smuggle him out of Aahimsa, but now I don’t know where to go or what to do.”
    â€œWhat happened to your companion?” asked Mabon. “Where is she?”
    â€œShe’s back in Aahimsa,” Nora said, her heart tightening as she though of Alice. “She doesn’t know where I am. She didn’t want anything more to do with Adam.”
    â€œOh,” said Mabon. “I think I understand.”
    â€œCan I ask you something?” Nora said, wiping a dribble of nutrifier from Adam’s chin.
    â€œYes,” said Mabon. He sat down on the ground across from her, but made sure to keep his distance.
    â€œWhat happened with the insider woman, Minn? Why did you help her?”
    â€œMinn?” Mabon asked. “Was that her name?” He was glad to finally be able to put a name to her face. It somehow made the whole situation seem less like some strange dream. “She was hurt very badly, and she asked me to hide her. She was so fragile and so desperate, and I just felt this deep urge to protect her. I took her to my hut and let her rest on my bed. There was nowhere else. She was so sad and lovely. She begged me to help her baby if I ever found him. When she said it I thought she was crazy…but here he is.”
    â€œAnd you broke the rule of contact knowing what would happen to you?”
    â€œYes, I knew. I couldn’t leave her there in the filth of the dead zone to die alone.” Mabon cocked his head to the side suddenly and put his fingers to his lips. He listened for a moment. “We have to go!” he exclaimed, jumping up from his seat on the ground. “Hurry!”
    â€œWhat’s the matter?” Nora asked, scrambling to her feet and placing Adam in his basket.
    Mabon picked up his gear and most of Nora’s, then led her out of the clearing and into the woods.
    â€œWhat’s happening?” Nora asked, starting to panic.
    â€œThe birds have stopped singing. There’s something wrong. I’m not sure what.”
    Mabon led Nora deeper into the woods, trying to be as quiet as possible so he could hear any changes in the sounds around him. Suddenly he stopped and signalled for Nora to be quiet.
    Nora listened hard. She thought she could hear some rustling in the woods behind her, where they had just come from.
    â€œI think something’s following us,” whispered Mabon, stooping down and picking up a large stick. “Or maybe some one .” He stepped in front of Nora and took up

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