Kissed by Eternity

Kissed by Eternity by Shéa MacLeod

Book: Kissed by Eternity by Shéa MacLeod Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shéa MacLeod
me a look. "You think you're the only person who can stop this war?"
    I frowned at his snarky tone. "I don't. But Morgana seems to think so."
    Trevor and Inigo looked around wildly, as if the queen herself would suddenly appear at the sound of her name. It was a reasonable fear. She did have a habit of doing that.
    "What do you mean?" Trevor asked.
    As we buckled ourselves into the insanely posh leather seats, I told him about Morgana pulling me into the Otherworld. About calling in the "favor" I supposedly owed her, and how she had ordered me to help her destroy the djinn.
    "Is that even possible?" he asked.
    I shrugged, snuggling into my seat. "I wouldn't have thought so. The Marid, at least, can actually control my powers. So I can't see what I can do. I am able to control the Queen's Guard and some of the other Sidhe, but that won't do us any good, either. I did threaten her, though."
    "Oh, good gods, Morgan." Trevor held his hand over his eyes as if he had a headache. Probably he did. I had that effect on people.
    "You didn't tell me that," Inigo's voice was very, very calm, but his eyes had turned completely gold.
    "Oops." The engines whined, and the plane began to move down the runway.
    "Oops? What do you mean, 'oops'?" His eyes were narrowed but I could still see a gold shimmer in the slit between his lids.
    "I agree," Trevor said, leaning forward. "What exactly do you mean by 'oops'? You can't just not tell us about these things. Threating the Queen of the Sidhe? That's three steps over into insane."
    "Maybe." Couldn't say I entirely disagreed with him. "But she threatened Inigo. She threatened my family. Everyone I love. I am not about to let that happen. She can just back the fuck off. She knows what I can do now, and she knows what'll happen if she messes with any of you."
    "Oh, good lord." Trevor sank back in his seat as the plane lifted off.
    "What?" I asked.
    Inigo sighed and stroked one finger down my cheek. His eyes were back to blue. "That's my girl."
    Truly they were annoying me. I proceeded to ignore them for the next two and a half hours. Unfortunately, once we touched down, I had to go back to being nice to them.
    Inigo insisted on staying with the plane.
    "Why?" I asked. "Trevor will get you in, just like he did me."
    "Uh, not exactly," Trevor admitted.
    I stared at him. "Why not?"
    "I'm a dragon," Inigo said, as if that explained everything.
    "But you don't look like one."
    "We've got sensors on base that let us know when a non-human is present. The guards would be on him the minute he stepped inside."
    I frowned. "They've never gone off on me."
    "You're still human. Mostly."
    He smiled grimly. "I was able to recalibrate the sensors so they don't detect Atlantean DNA. Otherwise you and I would set them off, too."
    Oh, goody.
    "I'll be fine, Morgan," Inigo insisted as the pilot brought out a freaking folding lawn chair and set it up in the shade under one of the wings. Where the hell had that been stored? "I'm going to kick back and soak up some sun." He gave me a lazy smile. I was tempted to make a crack about lizards, but instead I gave him a quick peck on the lips before following Trevor across the tarmac. Heat was already shimmering off it in waves, and within three steps I was feeling hot, grumpy, and dehydrated. Even my eyeballs felt shriveled.
    As we stepped inside the building that housed the "special" prisoners, I gave a sigh of relief. It was like walking into a refrigeration unit. Now all I needed was some ice cold water, and I'd be good to go.
    "Agent Daly. Nice to see you again, sir. Ms. Bailey, ma'am." The guard on duty greeted us with a wide smile across his freckled face.
    "Roberts, I thought I told you not to call me ma'am."
    "Yes, ma'am. Er, Ms. Bailey. Uh, Morgan." He flushed red and quickly turned to Trevor. "You here to see the colonel, sir?"
    "Actually, Roberts, I need to see one of your prisoners. Brent Darroch."
    "Oh, of course, sir. I'll take you down." He spoke into

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