Kickoff for Love

Kickoff for Love by Amelia Whitmore

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Authors: Amelia Whitmore
looking for her, she wasn’t anywhere to be found." My tone showed more pain and hurt than I wanted to and he sensed it immediately. 
    "Please be strong, Ashley. These weeks will fly by and soon you'll be back home with me."
    "I know but already miss you so much." A lonely tear rolled down my cheek. 
    "I will call you so many times you won't have time to miss me, I promise. Besides, I'll go visit you as soon as I have some free time." He assured me, but I knew that would be hard to get. Football season was only halfway through and his free time was scarce. 
    "Yes, please do."
    We chit chatted for a little while longer, before we ended the call. 
    I finished cleaning up the kitchen and returned to my bedroom. I had to present myself at school the next morning, so I decided to end the day early. I had no intention of taking my mother into consideration for anything. I would just live my life as if I was living alone. Dad had provided me with enough funds so I didn’t have to depend on my mother. That was all I needed. 
    A couple of hours later, while I was in my room, watching some TV, I heard my mother returning. By the sound of it, she wasn’t alone. Cautiously, I locked my bedroom door. I had some pretty nasty experiences with my mother's friends in the past, when I was just a kid. I had no intention of going through them again. Men could be real pigs. 
    The next morning I woke up with my alarm and after a quick bath and breakfast I was out to school. I didn’t even look for my mother. I assumed she would be busy. 
    At school, things were swift and easy and the classroom I was set in was quite nice, so that part wasn’t going to be that bad. I knew I wasn’t going to make many friends, but that didn’t bother me. I already had my friends waiting for me back home. So I was going to concentrate on my studies and make the best of this time. 
    When I returned home that afternoon my mother was there, waiting for me with a deep frown on her face. "Where have you been the whole day?" she asked me in a cold tone. 
    I walked by her, not paying much attention to her mood. "I was at school, where did you think I was?"
    "School, I didn’t put you in any school." Her frown became deeper. 
    "I'm sure you didn’t. Dad and my school's director arranged all the details before I left home." I explained, not that I thought I owed her any explanation. I just wanted to get her off my back. 
    "They had no right to interfere." She ranted. 
    "Really, mom, and when were you going to take care of that? Did you even think of that?" I asked her, my hands resting on my hips as I faced her. I wasn’t going to let her make my life more miserable than it already was. 
    Of course, she didn’t answer. She just turned around and disappeared into her bedroom. I sighed and went to my room. My cell phone buzzed. It was Andy.  He had been texting me all day, and that had helped me to get through the day. I missed him terribly, but the texts and the calls sure helped a lot. "Hey Andy."
    "Hey, Ashley, how was school?" He asked and I could hear his concern in his tone. 
    "It was alright. I'm in a good group so that part will be fine." I sighed. 
    "How are things going with your mother?"
    "Tense. I really don’t understand why she insisted on having me here. She's never around and it's not like she cares about me. She is furious today because dad arranged school for me, even when she hadn’t."
    "You must feel so lonely, baby."
    "I have you. And I love to have you beside me, even if it's by text or a call."
    "These weeks will fly, you'll see. And soon I'll have you in my arms again. I'll be able to kiss you so deep and so hard you'll pass away, breathless." He said with so much passion in his voice, I chuckled, just so I didn’t cry. 
    "Oh… I would love that. I always feel so safe in your arms."
    "That makes me happy. So, I'll be free this weekend. The game is on Friday and I already have the bus ticket for that night. I'll arrive in

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