Kickass Anthology
Jay slammed his pelvis against his ass, catching him by surprise. Several steady, deliberate thrusts later, Fin found himself too lost in pleasure to speak. He braced himself against the mattress with one hand, fingers splayed across the blanket.
    When Jay covered his hand with his own, lacing their fingers together while continuing to pound his ass, Fin could only squeeze his fingers and sigh. “You’re perfect.”
    “I’m not perfect, but I am pretty damn good,” Jay breathed in his ear, punctuating the last word with a particularly rough thrust.
    It forced an involuntary grunt out of Fin. He could imagine the wicked grin on Jay’s face, if the chuckle he got in return was any indication. Good thing I love it rough. With a grin of his own, he arched his back as much as possible and pushed his ass against Jay’s cock.
    Jay responded with growls and stinging bites to his shoulder and neck. Every powerful thrust ground Fin’s cock into the blankets beneath him, and a sticky wet spot blossomed where his cockhead lay trapped against his belly. He gritted his teeth and braced himself against the mattress as the thrusts became rougher. Jay’s orgasm was already building, he realized, and he pushed his ass up and out for all he was worth. I want to feel every pulse of blood coursing through that beast.
    Then Jay tightened his arm around Fin’s chest until it hurt to breathe and rasped in his ear, “I’m so close, Fin, I’m – ”
    He didn’t get to finish his statement, but he didn’t have to. As a deep bellow ripped through the air, Fin twisted to look over his shoulder, hoping to catch a glimpse of Jay’s “O” face. They had shared many things over the years, but never that. It was better than he’d imagined. “Oh God, Fin…fuuuuck…” greeted his ears, punctuated by half-strangled moans, as Jay pumped his cock in and out of his ass over and over, rough, erratic, and oh so fucking good. Fin clenched around it, feeling every throb, every pulse, as he squeezed Jay’s fingers again.
    After what seemed like the longest, most glorious orgasm that Fin had ever been witness to, Jay gave one last half-hearted thrust and collapsed on top of Fin, panting and sweating as if he’d just finished a marathon. His cock, still enclosed in the warm tunnel, began to soften, but Fin wasn’t ready to let go of it yet. With a decidedly evil grin, he clenched his sore ring of muscle without warning.
    “Fuck!” Jay exclaimed, snatching his hand away to slap Fin’s hip. “That’s playing dirty.”
    Fin ducked his head and left a teasing bite mark on the arm still around his chest. “Yeah, well, you’ve got me pinned. Not much else I can do.”
    “That was the best orgasm – hell, the best fuck – I’ve had in a long time.”
    The satisfied purr in his voice put a smile on Fin’s face. Yep, definitely a panther. “So I’m a better lay than your ex and all the guys you’ve slept with since you broke up with him?”
    “Firstly, there haven’t been that many guys since we broke up. Just a handful. Secondly, I won’t call him an ass since that would be an insult to fine asses everywhere, but you were right. He was a douchenozzle. I should’ve listened to you.”
    “Validation – the heroine of those cursed with poor self-esteem,” Fin quipped, seeking out Jay’s hand and lacing their fingers together again. God, I hope I’m not coming off too needy. He assumed a neutral tone as he pointed out, “You didn’t answer my question.”
    “Really? You have doubts?”
    “ Jay – ”
    Fin’s whine was cut off with a sharp nip to the shoulder. “You are so – ” a nip at the curve where shoulder met neck “ – much – ” and another nip behind his ear “ – better.”
    Teeth scraped along his jaw to the corner of his mouth, but Fin whipped his head to the side. I do not want our first kiss to be like this. If you’re gonna kiss me, Jay, then kiss me right. He didn’t want to make Jay feel as if he was

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