Katie's Angel

Katie's Angel by Tabatha Akers

Book: Katie's Angel by Tabatha Akers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tabatha Akers
been in his room since before he died. She stood there and looked at how everything was the same. She thought mom had come in here and put some of his stuff away. She didn’t realize that mom was just coming in his room for something else.
    As she took a step towards the bookshelf that was in his room, she knew exactly where she would find what she was looking for. When she got to the shelf she grabbed Jackson’s favorite thing in the world.  As she held it there in Jackson’s room she felt a presence so strong, she felt a tear roll down her cheek. This time the tear was not a completely sad tear. She felt like it was all going to be okay. Things just seemed so hopeless to her lately. Her parents wouldn’t leave her alone and she really did not want to talk to anyone about what she was feeling. Wiping the tear away, all she knew was that she felt more hopeful right this moment, than she had in the last few years. It is really hard to be positive when you watch your best friend and brother in so much pain.
    Katie composed herself and walked out of Jackson’s room. With one more look of the room, she closed the door, hoping no one would notice that she had been in there.
    Chapter 14
    Walking back down the hall to her room, Katie quickly laid the item in the drawer of her night stand. She didn’t want anyone to know that she had taken it out of Jackson’s room.
    She went back downstairs, and went to the kitchen. She emptied out the dishwasher and loaded the few dishes that were in the sink into it. She wasn’t sure what her parents wanted for dinner, but she knew that if the kitchen was clean that was in her favor.
    As she started to wipe the counters down, the doorbell rang. She finished the counter quickly and threw out the wet paper towel. She grabbed the basket and went to the front door. As she opened the door, she couldn’t help but stare at Jack. He had on a pair of jeans, and a blue t-shirt. He looked so good that she was almost embarrassed that she was staring.
    If Jack noticed her staring he didn’t show it. He looked at Katie and asked, “Are you ready?”
    “I will be in just a minute,” Katie replied as she grabbed her hoodie off the banister, and walked back to the door.
    As she came out, Jack grabbed the picnic basket out of her hand. Katie closed the front door after locking it. As they started down the walk, Katie realized that there was a car parked in front of her house that she had not seen before. She looked around to see if there was someone new on her street that the car could have belonged to.
    When she didn’t see anyone she looked at Jack, seeing the smile on his face she knew that the car belonged to him. It was a pale blue and white 1955 Chevy. It was probably the shiniest car she had ever seen. This car didn’t have one flaw in it. That was something she had never seen in a car before. Her parents had always taken care of their family cars, but this car was unlike anything she had ever seen before.
    Jack smiled as he saw the shock on her face. This car was the one thing th at was left from his life as a kid. This was the car that he and his dad had built together when he was younger. His dad had this car when he was right out of high school. It was not in the best condition and the paint was looking horrible. When Jack was about ten years old he and his dad started restoring it. There was more time than Jack could remember when he and his dad were in the garage tinkering around. His mom would come in and say it was dinner time, and his dad would look at her and say, “We will be there in a few minutes,” but the food would be cold before they got to the table. His mom would be so frustrated that she started saying she didn’t know why she even bothered making them a hot meal when all they did was eat it cold. It eventually became an ongoing family joke.
    “So you like the car I take it?” Jack said with a smile .
    “This is

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