Karolina's Twins

Karolina's Twins by Ronald H. Balson

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Authors: Ronald H. Balson
in line with your coupons.’
    â€œI thanked him again. I realized that the bag of food was an expression of David’s understanding that I was a fish out of water. I was totally unprepared for the life I was about to experience.
    â€œThat evening, I walked across town, through the square and into the ghetto. My home, several blocks away, now belonged to the German woman I’d heard bitching while I was in the attic. Karolina’s home, the one-story white house with wooden siding across the field, now belonged to some fat slob lying in her bed. I didn’t know anyone else I could stay with. I needed to find a room. Besides, if my family was in the ghetto, there was a good chance I could catch up with them.”

    N INE
    T HE PHONE RANG IN Liam’s office and the caller ID told him it was Bolger & Martin, one of the city’s largest law firms.
    â€œMr. Taggart? This is Mike Shirley over at Bolger. We represent Arthur Woodward.”
    â€œAh, yes. Arthur. A very unpleasant fellow. What is it you want with me, Mr. Shirley?”
    â€œMike. Call me Mike. And can I call you Liam? Let’s get this thing off on the right foot. Things will always go more smoothly if we’re sociable.”
    â€œYou might mention that theory to your client, Mike. But, again, how can I help you?”
    â€œI would like to come and meet with you and Ms. Lockhart.”
    â€œTo what end?”
    â€œWell, it’s about Arthur’s mother. She hasn’t been well. Arthur’s concerned about her … uh … her…”
    â€œEstate, Mike. The word you’re looking for is estate.”
    â€œNo, no, not at all. He’s concerned about her health. You know, she’s eighty-nine years old.”
    â€œShe looked pretty healthy to me. But, in case you didn’t know, Ms. Lockhart’s not a doctor.”
    Shirley’s tone changed. “Liam, let’s stop playing these games. My client wants me to set up a meeting. We can meet in Ms. Lockhart’s office or we can meet in a courtroom. Why don’t we try to avoid the latter?”
    â€œWhy didn’t you call Catherine directly? Why go through me?”
    â€œI’m sorry, I tried. She wasn’t in this afternoon and she hasn’t returned my call. I figured you could get through to her quicker than I could.”
    â€œWhen do you want to meet?”
    â€œThe sooner the better. Arthur is very concerned.”
    â€œNo doubt. I’ll speak to Catherine and I’m sure one of us will get back to you tomorrow.”
    â€œThat’ll be just fine, Liam. Just fine.”
    *   *   *
    C ATHERINE ENTERED THE FOYER , brushed a few November snowflakes from her coat and hung it on the coatrack.
    â€œHow was your appointment this afternoon?” Liam said. “Did Dr. Epstein tell you it was the most good-lookin’-est baby he ever saw?”
    Catherine laughed. “There’s not a lot they can see on an ultrasound at this stage, but he said I’m doing fine.” She feigned a pout. “I’ve gained four pounds!”
    Liam spread his hands. “Where? No way. Tell him I’ve paid close attention to every inch, under the most intimate of circumstances, and the mother-to-be has her movie-star figure intact.”
    Catherine gave him a peck on the cheek. “There was a message that Michael Shirley called me this afternoon about Mrs. Woodward. He wants to schedule a meeting.”
    â€œI know. I spoke to him. He represents Arthur. He wants to meet with both of us.”
    â€œLiam, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Lena Woodward. She’s sharp as a tack. I wish I had her memory skills.”
    â€œShirley threatened a lawsuit. Said he’d meet us in your office or in court.”
    â€œThe bastard’s going to sue his mother? She hasn’t been through enough in her life that she has to face a competency hearing brought by her own

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