Karma by Phillips Carly

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Authors: Phillips Carly
didn’t have any of this in the house,” she said before taking a bite.
    “Kelly and Nash stopped by and dropped off food,” he said, relaxing while she devoured the small meal.
    More people who’d do anything for him. More people she now owed. “That was really nice of them.”
    He raised an eyebrow. “Family and friends are supposed to help each other,” he said gently.
    What could she say to that? They’d done it for him, not her, so she remained silent.
    “Here. Take the pill. It should help the pain in about twenty minutes.”
    She smiled gratefully and did as he asked.
    After he cleaned up the plate with the food and brought the dishes to the kitchen, he returned. “I think you’d be more comfortable if you changed clothes, don’t you?”
    She glanced down. Her legs were covered by a blanket but she knew her skirt had ridden up completely. Her shirt was wrinkled and now that he’d mentioned comfort, she realized her bra pushed at certain body parts, irritating her like crazy.
    She’d love to change clothes. “In the top drawer in the dresser you’ll find some things,” she murmured.
    He looked in the drawer and walked back to her with the only sleepwear she owned, a Victoria’s Secret set of matching boxers and a tank top dangling from his fingertips.
    She blushed at the sight of her small clothes in his much larger hand. “I hate feeling confined when I sleep,” she murmured, sure her cheeks were flaming.
    “No worries. I sleep stark naked,” he said with a wink that was obviously meant to put her at ease and make her laugh.
    But his words had the opposite effect, since all she could think about now was that gorgeous, tanned body lying beside her in bed. The current in the air was suddenly charged and electric.
    “Do you need help changing?” he asked, that gruff voice back.
    She swallowed hard. “I think I can manage. If you just…” With her fingers, she indicated he should turn around.
    Like a gentleman, he faced the door and she slowly maneuvered her old clothes off and her pajama clothes on, aware of the few seconds she bared her breasts and exposed her pink lace bikinis.
    “You had some phone calls,” he said as she changed.
    She’d appreciate the effort at normal conversation if his voice didn’t sound strangled and tight. He was as aware of the fact that she was changing as he was.
    “I was going to let it go to the answering machine, but I didn’t want the ringing to wake you,” he continued.
    “You can turn back now,” she said, finally dressed. Or as dressed as Victoria’s Secret would allow.
    He faced her again and walked closer to the bed.
    “Who called?” she asked.
    “Your brother…and your parents.”
    Her stomach cramped and she folded her arms across her chest. “What did they want?”
    Dare set his jaw, wishing he could avoid this particularconversation. His brief talk with her family members had given him a glimpse into her life that was truly painful.
    “Brian wasn’t sober, so I wouldn’t worry about what he had to say.” There’d been a lot of whining and talk of how she should have let him take his turn against the cop. No mention of an apology nor did he ask how she was feeling. In fact, Dare wondered if he’d even remembered what had happened.
    “Where is he?” she asked, unable to meet his gaze.
    “I know that someone from the department drove him home and confiscated his car keys, so he’s home. He’ll have to come down to the station to get them when he’s sober.”
    “And my parents? I’m guessing someone called and told them what happened?”
    In Dare’s mind, this was a tougher revelation. “Yes. They’d heard about Brian’s scene.”
    “And that he hit me?” she asked, her eyes wide in her pale face.
    He nodded.
    “And? Don’t hold back on me. Wait, I’ll make it easy on you and tell you what they said. How could I let Brian make such a public scene? Why didn’t I stop him? Is he okay, or should they come home and be with

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