Kanda's Alien: A Scifi Romance (Dagrinian Love 2)
breath and remind
myself to be more careful. Those huge roots shoot up from the
ground close to the base of the trees. I wipe sweat from my brow
and look up at the sunrays dancing along the colorful leaves. I
love this place. I wouldn’t mind living here with
    Augh. I’m such a goner. I
shouldn’t dream of setting up house with him. Life is uncertain.
Getting back to my mission, I look at my map and head off again.
This time I check the ground and I don’t let the interesting people
distract me.
    A relieved sigh escapes me
when I see the shop I’m looking for. The business is carved into a
key lime colored tree. The door is open so I walk inside. I blink a
few times to adjust to the dark interior. When I can see clearly, a
male sparkgrofian smiles as he approaches.
    His skin is smoky blue and
his sparkling eyes are sunflower yellow. The gray in his rich brown
hair and the wrinkles around his eyes show that he’s a bit older
than the other two males I’ve encountered. His smile is just as
bright though.
    He stops just outside of
my personal space. “How can I help you, pretty one?”
    I’m a little surprised at
his words. Sparkgrofian males must appreciate all females. That’s
kind of sweet.
    Since I can’t pronounce
the medicine I’m here for I show it to him on my screen. “Do you
have this medicine?”
    “ Yes.” His brows lower and
pity fills his eyes. “A fertility drug for such a fine female. I
hope it works on humans.”
    As I stand in shock, he
turns and goes to a cabinet and starts rummaging through it. A
fertility drug! I thought I was saving children. Fire stomps along
my cheeks. He thinks I need help. My brows scrunch together. Do I?
I mean this is a mission so the medicine is not for me, but what if
I do need help one day. I really don’t know if I can get pregnant
or if I can by Klimen.
    While he digs a little
deeper into the cabinet and then mumbles as he goes to another
cabinet, I look around the carved out shop. The walls have a silky
look that makes me wonder if they put something on them to protect
the tree from drying out. From here I can see that the center of
the tree is still in place. These trees are so massive that I can
see a hall that leads around the inside of the tree. I’d love to
explore this place. Soft lights are embedded into the walls at all
angles but not all of them are on right now. It feels like a normal
business with counters and cabinets containing all sorts of dried
herbs and jars of medicines and lotions.
    When he comes back with a
packet of lime colored pills, I quit staring around me and pay him.
The sight of the medicine puts me in a haze as I wonder about
babies. In a daze, I say goodbye and head out the door. The second
my boots touch leaves blue flames surround me and the unique world
    I blink and find myself
back on the couch. The pink flashing light has me pressing it from
    Congratulations! You have
completed your mission without dying once!
    Unbelievable. This is one
snarky unit.
    I hear Klimen’s voice and
then the door whooshes open. He’s also unbelievable, locking me in
as though I were a wild animal from deep in the bush. I glance down
at my naked body and guess I may look a little wild. Especially if
my red locks are going in a few different directions. My lips twist
for a moment because this is the way he wants me. Wild.
    Speaking of wild, I’ve got
a question for him. I point at my sesien min with the unit. “Can
you get me pregnant?”
    I smile when his steps
falter. The smile drops from my face as I wonder if I would want an
ankle biter with him. I picture a small light plum colored baby
with ocean blue eyes. He or she would be adorable. My heart swells
at the idea of a little one. I could have a family
    He drops down beside me
and takes the unit from me. After he puts it on the gold material,
he takes my hand in his. “I don’t know if we can

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