Junkyard Dog

Junkyard Dog by Bijou Hunter

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Authors: Bijou Hunter
of their joy is thanks to my sexy boss.
    I hurry into the office and find Hayes sitting at
his desk. He looks at me as if I’m a stranger. I’m accustomed to his morning
grumpy reaction.
    “You called the school and got Cricket moved,” I
say, taking in the sight of his handsome features.
    “I know.”
    “That was sweet.”
    “It wasn’t personal. I just don’t like public
schools. Mine was awful. I didn’t learn shit there. My mom’s the one who taught
me everything.”
    “You’re so damn adorable when you go mama’s boy,” I
say, stepping closer.
    “What’s in your hand? I don’t want more work.”
    “The kids made you thank you cards,” I say, handing
him the papers.
    Hayes looks at the drawings the twins put so much
effort into and then frowns at me. “What the hell am I supposed to do with
    “Hang them on your fridge with all the other thank
you cards you get,” I mutter, losing my smile.
    Hayes gives me a dirty look. “Don’t be so
    “You did something nice. My kids think you’re
awesome. They worked hard on their cards. Don’t be such an asshole.”
    “They’re not here so what does it matter? I’ll act
really impressed by their crayon crap where they’re around.”
    “Fine,” I say and stomp to my desk.
    A hard, pained sensation grows in my gut that I
can’t shake. My kids own my heart. Imagining their happy faces when they talked
about sharing a class, I admired Hayes for fixing a problem I couldn’t. When I
watched them create their cards, I let myself dream of a future that included
the asshole.
    Now I realize he has his tender moments, but
they’re fleeting. Hayes doesn’t need to be sweet to anyone. He lives separate
from the rest of us. Hayes has no need for friends, girlfriends, and even his
father. He is perfectly happy living in his Hayes world where only his needs
    My bad mood worsens as I accept I want something
from Hayes I’ll never have. We normally kiss off and on during the day. Each
time feels more comfortable yet hotter. I know his touch. I wait for it all
day. Now I don’t want him touching me. His reaction to the cards is a wake-up
call I shouldn’t need. I’m smarter than this heartbroken dipshit I see in the
    “Let’s meet a moron for lunch,” Hayes says, walking
out of his office.
    I follow him without speaking. I’m hoping if I
remain silent for long enough that he’ll never know I’m upset. We climb into
his truck, and he frowns at me. I’m too quiet, and I usually talk a lot. Before
he can push for an explanation, I turn on the radio and find a song I can hum
along with.
    Hayes isn’t fooled but focuses his anger at the
moron we’re meeting.
    “The asshole picks Arby’s out of all the places in
town to meet,” he grumbles while we wait at a red light. “It won’t take long
for him to whine about his bullshit and for me to tell him to fuck off.”
    My voice will betray me, so I only nod at his
comments. Hayes frowns for the rest of the drive, remaining silent until we
arrive at Arby’s. He blocks my way before we go inside.
    “What’s your deal?”
    “What are we doing here?” I ask, hoping to change
the subject.
    “You act like you’ve got a stick’s rammed up your
ass. Why?”
    “I’m on my period,” I say, afraid to look at him
and give away how my feelings have changed.
    “You were on your period last week. I remember
because you used it as an excuse to order two desserts during lunch.”
    “I’m just moody. Why do I need a reason?”
    Hayes studies me. “Why won’t you look at me?”
    “I am looking at you.”
    Hayes frowns. “Not like before.”
    Forcing my gaze to meet his, I mumble, “You get to
be in a bad mood all the time. Why can’t I have an off day?”
    “So nothing’s wrong?”
    Hayes calls my bluff when his lips meet mine. I
can’t enjoy our kiss. I don’t push him away, but I can’t give him what he
wants. Hayes nips at my bottom lip, showing his

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