Juicy: The Complete Series

Juicy: The Complete Series by Nicety

Book: Juicy: The Complete Series by Nicety Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nicety
eyes and turning up her lips.
    “I must be losing my mind.” Tino said looking around at the other bitches for validation. “I could ’ve sworn I told you to fucking beat it.”
    “What?” Diamond said throwing the magazine down, standing up and moving in close to whisper in his ear. “Um…you know I don ’t have any place to go, Tino.”
    “That shit ain ’t my problem. Put your ass to the streets.”
    Tino grabbed her arm and pushed her towards the front door. His patience was wearing thin with her and her attitude. Tino was rarely nice to people, especially women. When his brother died, he even lost all respect for everyone who was not blood. He grabbed her arm again but Diamond snatched away from his grip , refusing to be set out on the street like a pile of garbage.
    “NO! You can ’t just put me out. I got my shit here. I need to get my shit.” Diamond demanded.
    “What shit? Them dingy ass clothes you brought here. Fuck that! Now get an attitude about that.” Tino retorted as he shoved her towards the door again.
    “Thanks for nothing, you fucking fagot! Yeah I heard you were boss derbing niggas in the 808 building on Halsted. What you think ain’t nobody know?” Diamond spat, knocking his hands off of her.
    His groupies stood there laughing at the whole ordeal. Diamond lunged at them, hitting one smack dead in the jaw as she slipped on the slippery-waxed floor. The girl was heated, signaling for the other girls to help her jump the outnumbered Diamond.
    “You don ’t belong in our click anyway, hoe.” One girl screamed as she stomped Diamond’s face to a bloody pulp with her colossal sized feet.
    When the girls were satisfied with their work , they walked away from her, leaving nothing but a bloody and gravely beaten mess on the floor. Tino stood over her as if he was looking down on the one who had betrayed him.
    “Now get up and get the fuck out of my house.” He said as his groupies giggled in the background.
    Diamond stood, limping towards the door and coddling her face as it dripped drops of blood all the way to the front door. She wanted to make a break for the stairs to grab at least a few of the things she owned, but she feared another beating to her already severely damaged body. She felt her eye begin to swell shut, as the left side of her vision grew dark. Her ribs were recklessly bruised and her stomach felt like it had been doing cartwheels for the last five minutes. Vomit chunks rose in her throat, but she wasn’t about to release them and give them another reason to beat the living daylights out of her.
    “Oh yeah and one more thing before you go. I got AIDS. BIOTCH!” Tino spat to the laughter of his minions.
    Diamond felt her heart drop and her brain explode as her mouth opened in pure utter disbelief. She could not believe what her ears had just been burned with. It was unbelievable that he or anyone would do that to her and never say anything. The bitches in the background were laughing like the shit was cool but he had slept with them too. She could not understand what the big joke was about and why she was the center of it. He rubbed up against their tits and fondled with their smelly pussies as Diamond opened the door about to walk out.
    But she collapsed right there in his front doorway.

Chapter 11- Selfish
    “Wakey, wakey. Eggs and bakey.” Lexi said holding a tray of breakfast in her hand.
    Pandora and Kojack awoke to the smell of eggs, bacon, toast, and fresh smelling orange juice. It was the perfect way to start the day. Kojack kissed her on the forehead and then kissed Lexi on the lips. He felt like the king of the land with all of the special treatment he had been getting over the past few days. He never wanted to go home. Work was not a factor, since he wasn’t ready to leave the glory of it all just yet. Kojack called his business in from his cell the whole time, letting his business partners know what inventory to order and what customers

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