Jekyll, an Urban Fantasy

Jekyll, an Urban Fantasy by Lauren Stewart

Book: Jekyll, an Urban Fantasy by Lauren Stewart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lauren Stewart
You’ll be able to see at a distance that we’re not doing anything terrible to him. But I think any visiting should be planned out and in a public place. After we can develop another serum, a better one, then we’ll need your help to convince him to take it. But right now, there’s too much riding on you to put you at risk.”
    “Okay,” she repeated, knowing how wrong Alex was.
    Mitch might be dangerous to some, but not to her . He’d rescued her from Hyde, somehow stopping the bastard from killing her. Now she had the chance to return the favor. And nothing would stop her from trying.

“She wants to know we don’t have Turner caged somewhere.”
“Good thing we’d never do that to anyone.” Chuckle .
Sigh . “I suggested Fields could take her to a public place, so she could see him without getting too close.”
“Well, that was stupid. If she just waves at him through a window, none of us get what we want. She’s testing you, Bertram. You said she was free to go, so she’s calling your bluff. Just imagine what she’ll think when she finds out you weren’t bluffing.”
“I was bluffing. If we let her go, we can’t control what happens to her.”
“Unless you’ve been bullshitting me, I think she’ll be able to control what happens to her. Besides, you’re a behaviorist. Here’s your chance to see how she behaves in the wild. Just make damn sure that she comes back. Turner’s still part-human, isn’t he?”
“Yes, although we—”
“Perfect. So give her a day or two with her boyfriend. That should be enough, shouldn’t it?”
“Probably.” Sigh . “We haven’t done any testing since she woke up, but if the guards’ reactions to her are any indication, two days should be plenty of time.” She’s giving off so many pheromones, even I’m attracted to her . “What if she wants to bring Turner back with her?”
“Your facility is big. I’m sure you can find a nice place for him to stay. But only if he and his Hyde can behave themselves. And by ‘behave’ I mean, not fuck things up with Colfax.”
“Great. Now that I’ve figured everything out for you, you need to leave me alo—”
“Yes, sir. Thank you.”
“Wait! Don’t hang up.” Pause . “You need to play this right.”
“I will.”
“No. No, you won’t. Not unless I tell you exactly what to do. And right now I’m telling you to be quiet while I think.” Pause . “Right now, you’re her enemy. However, if you do this right , you could come out of it as an ally. But before she starts trusting you, she needs to find another enemy. Therefore, I nominate…me.”
    § § §
    The second Eden woke up, she jerked off the mattress. Same damned room, different day. Maybe different week, who knew? She hadn’t wanted to close her eyes around her enemies. But even two weeks of constant slumber didn’t seem to be enough. And assuming that she hadn’t been out for longer than a few hours, today was the day she’d see Mitch.
    She didn’t care what Alex said, Eden was going to talk to him, touch him. A drive-by wasn’t enough. Not to appease the ache she felt every time she thought about him. God, it was brutal. Remembering his face, his voice, his body. Everything about him brought a smile to her face. But it was short-lived. Because right after that initial sense of ‘holy crap, I want to taste him so frigging bad’ was quickly followed by a ‘oh crap, what if he never lets me inside of him again’. If she’d eaten anything in the last twelve hours, she’d have thrown it up by now. Anticipating and dreading the moment they stood close enough to touch.
    Someone knocked on the door. Then she heard Alex say, “Eden, can I come in?”
    “No,” she mumbled, rolling her eyes. She had no expectation of privacy, here or anywhere else. First she’d had to deal with Chastity ripping off her clothes every chance she got. And she imagined that when The Clinic henchman had brought her here, they

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