Jax (Cocky Cage Fighter Series)

Jax (Cocky Cage Fighter Series) by Lane Hart

Book: Jax (Cocky Cage Fighter Series) by Lane Hart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lane Hart
    "I don't know. Are you going to stop calling me a bitch?" I ask, crossing my arms over my chest.
    "Yes," he says, looking at the floor like a little boy being scolded. "Sorry."
    "When are you leaving?" I let him off the hook since he apologized.
    "As soon as you're ready. It's not like my dad and Jude have anything better to do."
    I consider it for a minute. Spending a whole weekend with this man and his easygoing family does sound like a good time. Throw in some gambling and the beach, well that just seals the deal. Was it smart? No, but I'm tired of being smart.
    "Okay. Let me get this letter to the prosecutor done, and all the attachments ready so I won't have to worry about it this weekend. I'll need to go to my apartment and pack a few things, but I could probably be ready around noon."
    "Good. Should we pick you up here or at your place?"
    "Ah, here I guess."
    "All right. See you at noon," he tells me as he heads for the door. "Oh, and, Page," he pauses before hitting me with his parting comment. "Don't forget your bathing suit."
    A few hours later I'm sitting in my office, going over my checklist for Monday one last time when I'm kidnapped. Well, I'd agreed to go with them, I just didn't think it'd be over Jude's shoulder with my protest.
    "Jude, put me down, so I can grab my things!" I whisper, to avoid drawing attention to us when he leaves my office.
    "Don't worry. Jax is getting all your shit from that neat little pile you made," he says with a slap to my behind.
    "Jude!" I yelp in surprise.
    "Ah, Page?" I hear the unspoken WTF in my brother's voice while we wait for the elevator.
    I twist my neck and flip my hair up out of my face to see my older sibling frowning down at me like usual.
    "Hi, Logan. Have you met Jackson's annoying little brother, Jude Malone?" I ask. "Jude, this is my annoying older brother, Logan Davenport."
    Swinging me around, so I can no longer see Logan, I assume Jude is shaking Logan's hand. "Nice to meet you. We're kidnapping your sister. She needs a vacation after working so hard on Jax's case this week. Hey, bro, have you met Page's bro Logan?"
    Jax must’ve joined us, although I can't see him.
    "Hi, how's it going?" Jax says to my brother.
    "Good. Where are you going?" Logan asks.
    "Atlantic City," I tell him from Jude's back.
    "Oh, well, ah have fun, I guess. Do Dad and Elliot know you're leaving?"
    "I'm a big girl now, Logie, and don't need their permission. Now run along and tattle on me, snitch, before you kill my vacation buzz."
    "Ha, aren't older brothers such a pain in the ass?" Jude laughs, slapping mine again. Why do men like to abuse my bottom?
    "Touch her ass again and I'll break both of your legs," Jax warns Jude, making me smile that he's so protective of my ass...pen.  
    "I'm not her client, so we can be as inappropriate as we want, right, Page?" Jude asks.
    "Ah, right," I mutter, mostly just to annoy Jax when we finally make it onto the elevator.
    "She has a fiancé, even though the cheap bastard didn't give her a ring."
    "What? No way. The deal's not sealed unless there's a fucking ring," Jude argues. "She's a free bird."
    "Put her down," Jax tells his brother.   
    "No thanks."
    "Did you guys get my purse?" I ask. "My phone? Briefcase? Luggage?"
    "Yes to all," Jax replies. "Did you pack a bathing suit?"
    "Ah, yeah."
    "Bikini?" Jude inquires.
    I smile. "Maybe."
    "Hell yes," he replies.
    "Jax, were you able to get us rooms?" I ask.
    "Yep. Sorry but all they had were smoking rooms."
    "Ah shit...ake mushrooms. I'll never get the smell out of my clothes," I grumble.
    "Don't worry. We'll get you so drunk you won't notice the smoke," Jude promises.
    "I don't drink."
    "You do this weekend, princess. You need to loosen up before you give yourself an aneurysm," Jax responds. 
    Finally we make it out of the stuffy office, and thankfully without running into my father. My feet touch down on the concrete sidewalk beside a black SUV.
    "Your chariot to an awesome

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