J. Lee Coulter

J. Lee Coulter by Spirit Of McEwen Keep

Book: J. Lee Coulter by Spirit Of McEwen Keep Read Free Book Online
Authors: Spirit Of McEwen Keep
Chapter One
    His bloodshot eyes darted apprehensively about the shadowy chamber as he nervously licked dry lips. He spoke in hushed tones to his companion.
    “Do ye see anything, Nab?”
    His companion stood two steps behind him, ready to flee if need be. After a thorough search, he shook his head, then realized that his laird was not looking at him.
    “Nay, m’laird. I see naught. Mayhap the witch grew weary of tormenting us and went elsewhere.”
    Both men jumped as the door slammed shut behind them.
    “...or mayhap nae,” he squeaked.
    Conan peered at his squeamish squire before resolving himself to another sleepless night. He was exhausted. He had not slept the night through for almost six moons now. That is when she had begun to appear at McEwen Keep. Conan shuddered as a chill ran through him.
    At first he had thought he was just sloshed...but that opinion soon changed when he saw the apparition without a drop of spirits touching his lips. Next came the sounds. Little moaning noises was how it started...weeping sounds barely audible to the ear. Now...now she screams like a banshee, scaring the wits out of his servants. It did not do much for his nerves either!
    He had tried everything he could think of to banish the ghost...to no avail. Father Grant will nae step foot in the keep for his meals anymore...and he detests his own cooking! Nae even auld Aggie seems ta be up ta the task!
    Conan’s auburn hair stirred as he shook his head at his thoughts. He was at the end of his patience, certain that his sanity would soon snap. Nab shuffled closer to his laird.
    “Should I aide ye with your bath, m’laird?”
    He glanced over at the gangly squire and seeing his terror, gave a curt shake of his head.
    “Ye may leave once ye remove me boots, Nab. Tis doubtful I will get much rest this eve anyway. I may as well occupy me time with useful pursuits.”
    His young squire released a sigh of relief. Everyone knew that the spirit clung to Conan although they did not know why. For that matter...neither did he. The result was the same though. His clansmen avoided him like the plague! He did not blame them. If it were possible, he would stay clear of himself as well. This night he was determined to get at the truth of the matter! He was going to demand an explanation from the wraith...come what may!
    “Ye may go, Nab.”
    Glancing at his laird apprehensively, he gave him a curt nod and hurried from the chamber. He did not wish to give Conan a chance to change his mind.
    The handsome laird stripped out of his cloth ing and sank into the relaxing water. Sighing deeply, he allowed his eyes to close for a few moments rest. Moments were all he had been allowed ever since the spirit had appeared.
    True to form, there was a throaty chuckle in his ear as it grew cold from the wraith’s breath. His aqua eyes shot open as he jolted upright, sloshing water to the floor. Conan ran his hand through his hair to steady himself.
    Anger flared as he cast a glance about the chamber.
    “Who are ye? Why do ye torment me, Spirit? I have done naught ta deserve your scrutiny! Be gone and leave me in peace!”
    As always...there was only silence in answer to his rantings. Discouraged when he received no response, he finished his bath and sat before the fire with a flagon of ale.
    “Why will ye nae answer me? Is there nae way ta satisfy ye that ye may go on ta your final reward? I grow weary of your games.” The torchlight flickered for a brief moment...then stilled.
    “If ye do this because I sullied your daughter then I ask your forgiveness. I would nae ken who she be. I have nae bedded any virgins that I am aware of,” he muttered as he drifted off to sleep.
    Iona was incensed! What a conceited man he is! I do nae understand why they always assume it is about them...nae matter what!
    He is right about one thing. I, too, grow weary of this game. Tis time ta set him off on his task. She sighed as she examined his strong, muscular body. If only

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