Instinctive Male

Instinctive Male by Cait London

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Authors: Cait London
loose, flowing navy slacks and walking loafers. She’d sold her suits, and on short notice, these clothes were her best for business. She’d learned how to make do and re-do with thrift-shop clothing, enough to get by until she could afford better.
    Mikhail’s nod said he approved of her clothing, good for moving around the Amoteh in the preseason. He touched her shoulder lightly, indicating the pool. “No swimming without lifeguards. Ryan, Leigh’s brother, doubles up here sometimes. I do not wish to deal with wedding parties. Sobbing, frantic mothers of the brides are definitely your problem. My mother or Leigh usually handles them, but they’re going to be busy. Where’s Tanya?”
    “At Bliss and Ed’s, playing with their goat and learninghow to tie-dye T-shirts. I think there are plans for planting seeds in growing boxes. Leigh said that’s exactly how she grew up—with lots of love and understanding, only in a van, not a small cottage. Tanya couldn’t be happier.”
    “Not a bad way to grow up,” Mikhail said quietly. “Do you like the suite?”
    “It’s perfect. Thank you.” It was too close to his. “I’ll be very careful not to bother you, Mikhail.”
    Mikhail looked out over the Pacific Ocean. “Too late. You already do. Make certain that Tanya is never alone, not even around a corner from where you can see her…that someone trustworthy is always with her. And if I’m not here, that you and she are moved into your suite tonight. I’m afraid my family can’t be with you now.”
    Ellie frowned slightly and clicked her notebook closed. “This sounds more than a baby coming. Why are you so specific about Tanya? Of course I wouldn’t let anyone untrustworthy near her.”
    Mikhail turned to look down at her. “I called Paul last night. He’s not happy. I expect him to arrive any day. Or Hillary may come.”
    She’d trusted him and he’d betrayed her. Paul and Hillary would be on their way…. “You called him? You called him? How could you? You didn’t even let—”
    “They’re not getting Tanya. She’s going to be watched at all times. But with Leigh’s baby on the way, we’re going to keep this from her, from Bliss and Ed, and away from my parents. They know the situation and the danger, but now is the wrong time for Paul to start playing tough guy. I don’t want them bothered by Paul’s hot temper or Hillary’s foul mouth. Your suite has top security devices and I’ve moved one of the single men into night duty. I want you moved in tonight.”
    “Or gone,” she said, shaking with anger. Or was it fear?
    “I didn’t betray you, Ellie. I merely chose the battlefield. You can’t keep running. I know about the attempts Hillary made to steal Tanya—once from the day care center whileyou worked. She’s not above kidnaping. Paul will try other methods. Tanya stays here at night with us.”
    Us…us… “You and me?”
    Mikhail, the cool businessman, spoke quietly, firmly, logically. “Your suite opens into my apartment. Keep the door unlocked. If you need me, all you have to do is call. If I’m at the clinic, waiting for the baby, you have my beeper number. I expect you to use it if you have any trouble at all.”
    Mikhail turned to view the ocean again. He’d placed his job and the Amoteh in danger…for a child.
    Yet something else troubled him, and Ellie knew that it was the coming birth. She touched his arm and felt the muscles contract. “Leigh and the baby will be fine, Mikhail. Women are very strong when they have to be.”
    “I know. Look what you have done. Are you going to let me help you?”
    “Is the sky blue? Do I love chocolate and a bubble bath?” she asked and wondered why she felt to dizzy and happy, just looking up at him.
    Mikhail’s expression changed, smoldered. “Keep looking at me like that and we’re not going to make it through the day.”
    “Threats and promises,” she whispered.
    He made a sound like a low, hungry, desperate growl.

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