Initiation (Xylon Warriors 1)

Initiation (Xylon Warriors 1) by Ruth D. Kerce

Book: Initiation (Xylon Warriors 1) by Ruth D. Kerce Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ruth D. Kerce
Tags: Erótica
residual current left for a minor spark or two. It wouldn’t work through her rubber-soled shoe though, so she’d had to get that off first.
    When she had kicked Kam, thankfully, he’d gotten enough of a jolt to make him fall. She hadn’t transferred the first time, hoping to be able to knock him out without using what precious little current she had left. But he’d surprised her with his agility and strength. He was only a Class 2 Warrior from the markings on his jacket. She had been a Class 1, before betraying her people. A quick glance at the man showed he was definitely out, but she didn’t know how long it would last.
    Thank goodness, she was limber. She kicked her leg over her head and took care of one hand restraint with another spark, then tugged loose the other. Now she was completely out of current and basically helpless. She’d have to rely on her wits from here on out.
    She sat up and quickly put her shoe back on. She didn’t have her transport-connector or vid-cell. She couldn’t get out through the window. She’d make too much noise, and it would take too long to get the screen off. She couldn’t sneak through the house unnoticed.
    Desperation had her reaching for her only escape. Kam’s transport-connector. She also lifted his disruptor. She might need that. She fiddled with the connector readings. Both ships were in transport range now, but his control wouldn’t open the shield cloaking the Marid ship from Earth’s detection.
    She couldn’t stowaway on the Xylon ship. They’d be monitoring the air movements too closely and had probably placed her on Xylon’s most-wanted list by now. So she couldn’t even materialize aboard and pretend she was a stranded Warrior who needed help. There was a Marid sub-station in the city—right near the cemetery. She’d materialize there.
    If she didn’t complete this mission, she was dead.

Chapter Seven
    Braden tugged off the covers on the unmade bed to reveal cream-colored flannel sheets topped with slightly darker-covered pillows. The lighter color reminded him of Alexa’s skin. The darker, the color around her nipples. His cock immediately hardened.
    Hold it together, man . His fingers were actually shaking. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this excited around a woman. He felt like a young man about to get his first lay.
    He set the Initiation case on the padded bench at the end of the bed and opened it up. Everything looked to be there. He snapped off one of the night-table lamps to dim the lighting. The overcast sky outside helped add to the intimacy.
    Alexa’s nervousness filled the room as she paced behind him. “Should I lock the door?” she asked.
    “No. That’s not necessary.” He didn’t say, for fear of making her more nervous, but he and Alexa needed to remain accessible in case any Egesa decided to materialize. They might need help from the others. With so many Warriors around, the creatures probably wouldn’t chance it, but Egesa were unpredictable.
    He drew a deep breath and rubbed his palms together. His hands felt like all the blood and heat had drained out of them. Why did he feel so awkward? He’d initiated many women. He’d just never initiated one alone. And certainly never one whom he wanted to take as mate. That upped the seriousness of the ceremony.
    He still needed Kam and Erik for backup in case he couldn’t handle Alexa’s sexual appetite himself. He seethed at the thought of them touching her. Images of their hands and mouths exploring and pleasuring her body filled his brain.
    Earlier, he’d spoken to Leila about his concerns, and she agreed to make the decision if it came down to it. As a Healer, she’d be able to tell if Alexa needed more sexual satisfaction than he could supply. Even so, he’d left specific instructions about what they could and couldn’t do to Alexa’s body.
    “Can you hurry it up?” she snapped, then lowered her voice. “Sorry.”
    Her words brought him out of

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