In Your Shadow

In Your Shadow by J Middleton

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Authors: J Middleton
haunting her. Will her nightmares ever fade? She looked over at John as he was moving slightly. His arm reached for her with his arm going around her he pulled her close to him. Closing her eyes, she takes a deep breath knowing she is safe.

Chapter 9
    Coming into the opening of the dining room she could hear John laughing with her father. It was so good to hear him laugh. She had missed that so much. A few seconds later she sat down at the table as all heads turned to her. John smiled as his arm went quickly behind her.
    She squirmed when she felt his hand touch her. He pulled her chair closer to him so close a sudden chill went through her. His body so close that he could almost feel her breath, her belly quivered as something deep inside tightened so much that it almost hurt. She felt like she was floating on a cloud weightless and dizzy. Her head was a blurry emotional mess.
    Katie was glad her father’s phone rang it distracted everyone from her. Daniel got up from the table and walked a few feet she could barely hear him talk.
    “It must be Jewels” a force of jealousy pierced her heart.
    “Katie you are going to have to come to terms with that,” John said.
    “No I don’t have to, she married my father for his money and if it was left up to her she would spend every last dime. Thank god daddy has sense enough to not let her have access to it.”
    “Yes he gives her some to spend and that is it. There is something about her I don’t like and never will.”
    “I bet she don’t like that.”
    “I don’t think she does, she certainly doesn’t like the fact that he is here. This was my mother’s house. She can’t get her hands on it that infuriates her. Dad gave it to me after mother died and Jewels has always wanted it but it isn’t for sale.”
    “I will never like her.”
    “Is it because she is with your dad.”
    “That is some of it and the other she just gives me the creeps.  Mitch didn’t like her either.”
    “Who’s Mitch?” he asks but he already knew who he was.
    “Nobody, just never mind” her voice full of frustration.
    Daniel walked back to the table.
    “Sorry, that was Jewels, just checking to see if we made it.”
    A forceful smile came across Katie’s face, she wanted to say something but she thought it was best to be quiet. Katie looked down at her food and couldn’t eat. She was so aggravated and out of her zone, her feelings made her very nervous. She could feel a full-blown panic attack coming on. Confusion and anger filled her emotions once again.
    “Daddy I am going for a walk on the Beach,” she said as John moved his arm from behind her.
    Something was definite going on with her. He could feel she was attracted to him but there was something else.
    “Okay dear,” he smiled and watched her gets up from the table.
    “Want some company?” John asks quickly as she started to walk away.
    “Just stay here and talk to dad, get a tour of the place it is really beautiful” after that she was gone out the door.
    The wind was blowing a warm breeze as she inhaled deeply as the salty air filled her lungs. All you can hear is the wind pushing the waves against the shores. She sat down in the sand as the water ran under her legs. The force of the water was pushing against her waist making her body move. The adrenaline that was running through her veins was finally calming down. Her heart was slowing down into a relaxed state. Her eyes focused on the never ending ocean and the waves that were rolling in. Katie watched the clouds form in the sky.
    The hardness of her heart was melting away because John had rattled some feeling in her. She was lost in her thoughts with the sound of the waves beating against the shore. She wanted to lose herself in this moment. Katie knew that it was her memories that fueled her anger and pain. Now the memories seem to fade as new feelings begin to surface. She didn’t know if she could handle them are not, are was

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