In My Dreams (First Tracks Book 2)

In My Dreams (First Tracks Book 2) by Kristen James

Book: In My Dreams (First Tracks Book 2) by Kristen James Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kristen James
    Jazz studied me, trying to tell if I was as calm as I
    “Her and Nash are over,” she said firmly. Too firmly. Was
there a hint of something strange in her voice or expression? “She ran up to
Portland to see Marcus Fields, who just woke up from a coma.”
    Now how did that make any sense? I shook my head at her,
waiting for more. She had that distant look again.
    “Why was Avery dating Nash if she had this other guy? Why
was he in a coma?” I couldn’t help thinking that if she’d been off with that
Marcus, nothing would have happened with Kyle on our coast trip. But that’s not
what I wanted—I’m glad I finally saw the truth about him. It hurt like hell but
at least I knew what kind of person Kyle was.
    Jazz didn’t answer. I followed her gaze and looked behind
me. Nash was walking down the court, passing us, with his head down to see his
phone. He’s actually kinda hot. I don’t understand why Avery didn’t stick with
him. Plus she wanted him for so long! They seemed perfect for each other, both
of them so quiet and serious.
    That description fit Jazz too. I turned around to tell her
what I was thinking only to find her ducked down, hiding behind the table.
    “Jazz? What the heck are you doing?”
    “Just looking in my bag.” She straightened and stood up.
“I’m sorry but I have to take off. I’m late for class.”
    She left so quickly I didn’t have time to even say goodbye. I
watched Jazz weave through the tables and scurry out of the building, going in
the opposite direction of Nash. What in hell’s bells…?
    We didn’t discuss any of the things I thought we would, like
the house or rent or what happened with Avery. Or, if Jazz was okay. That was
completely out of character for her. Apparently I’ve missed a lot.

Chapter T hirteen
    I dropped my pen and rubbed my face. My vision was going
blurry and cross-eyed from staring at homework for so long. I came back to
class on a Tuesday, and the rest of the week was filled with class, talking to
teachers, homework, make up work, trying to catch up with my friends a little,
and talking to Marcus at night. We texted throughout the day, but he had
therapy and still needed to rest a lot, plus I had a boatload of work here.
    I didn’t mention Kyle’s apology to Marcus yet. It seemed
better to tell him in person. And it was finally Friday. I could finally go see
    I started throwing a few things into my bag when I heard the
front door close. Jazz and I hadn’t seen each other for a few days now, so I
leaned out my bedroom door, hoping it was her. “Jazz?”
    “Yeah. Hang on.” She went in her room to drop off her bag
and came into mine.
    “Glad I caught you before leaving for the weekend.”
    “Yeah, me too. I talked to Kris,” she started, falling into
my computer chair and curling up into it. I waited for more but she stared at
the pictures on my wall, looking rather spaced out for her.
    “Was it bad?” I stopped packing and sat on the bed.
    “Bad? No. The opposite. She wants to talk this out, and
maybe come home.”
    Jazz talked in a flat tone and it took a minute for her
words to sink in. Why wasn’t she more excited?
    “Really?” I asked. “That’s great. Isn’t it? You seem…”
    Her gaze shifted to the bag next to me. “You’re heading up
to Portland?”
    “Yeah, for the weekend…if you’re okay.”
    She straightened, giving me a funny look with her dark
eyes—and it gave me the distinct feeling something was up with her. “Why
wouldn’t I be okay?”
    I shrugged. “You seem preoccupied. You know you can talk to
me, right? I’ve spilled everything to you.”
    For a split second, she zeroed in on me like she would open
up, but the look passed.
    “I just have a lot going on, sorry.” She shrugged. “I guess
we can talk to Kristina when you get back. Maybe Monday after school?”
    That was skirting whatever it was, but it was apparent I
wouldn’t get it out of her right

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